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The September 30th debut will be a one-hour special focused on COVID-19 Animation is one of the only games unaffected much by COVID-19 However, it often takes years to plan out, draw, and color pages… that is...
The following is a look at the styles of different writers.  Alright, so if you’re following along hopefully you enjoyed Roma and did some journaling. If not, that’s okay – this lesson should still help anyway. First, let...

‘South Park’ Review: “Holiday Special”

South Park's third episode of season 21, "Holiday Special", has just aired and it was phenomenal. This episode pulls no punches, targeting so many...

‘South Park’ Review: The End of Serialization as We Know It

That’s it folks. Seasons 20 of South Park is in the books and has left us feeling awfully disappointed.

‘South Park’ Review: “Not Funny”

South Park Season 20 Episode 9: Not Funny Original Air Date: 11/30/2016 With only one more episode before the end of the season, South Park used "Not...

‘South Park’ Review – “Members Only”

After weeks of very weak South Park episodes, we are finally seeing the fruits of the writers coming to bear.

‘South Park’ Review: Oh Jeeze

South Park Season 20 Episode 7: Oh Jeeze Original Air Date: November 9, 2016 OOOOOH JEEEEEZZZZEEE! I did not expect the US election results to be so quickly...

‘South Park’ Review: “Fort Collins”

The conspiracy continues as memba berries become pulled into the ever-changing world on South Park.

‘South Park’ Review: “Douche and a Danish”

While most of America was tuned into the final presidential debate, South Park offered up a very lackluster episode.

‘South Park’ Review: Wieners Out

This week on South Park, Butters leads the boys in a #WienersOut protest after becoming fed up for being ridiculed by the girls for being boys.

‘South Park’ Review: “The Damned”

This week on South Park, internet trolling takes a back seat to the much more relevant presidential campaign.

‘South Park’ Review: Skank Hunt

Matt Parker and Trey Stone take on the controversial topic of internet trolling.

‘South Park’ Starts off Season 20 With “Member Berries”

Spoilers through South Park Season 20, Episode 1: "Member Berries." The hype has been intense for the newest season of South Park. With the political...

South Park Will Cross 300 Episodes with 3-Season Renewal

Comedy Central is not ready to let South Park go. The animated series from creatives Trey Parker and Matt Stone has received a three season renewal, pushing...

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