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Idle Worship: The Idol Podcast Episode 3: “Daybreak”

Incriminating photo, a dangerous disposition and a hairbrush have in common? We don't care much as we should in The Idol's (HBO) "Daybreak".

Idle Worship: The Idol Podcast Episode 2: “Double Fantasy”

DJ Walter Gibbons created the first commercially available remix in 70s. P-Diddy claimed he invented the remix in the early aughts. On the second episode of the The Idol (Max) titled "Double Fantasy", Joss's dreams of taking her own back with her own rebellious remix are put on ice by those with bifurcated tongue. Tedros didn't die in the first episode? Son of a bitch!

‘Marvel’s Voices’ Podcast is Back with New Episodes Every Thursday

Angélique Roché returns for the seventh season to speak with creatives about the power of having inclusive teams

A Mythos Evolved: The Return of the Marvel’s Voices Podcast

This new season takes a sharp look at how the mythology behind Marvel has changed over time  Yesterday marked the return of Marvel's Voices. A...

The Workprint’s Gamescast Episode 70 – Live, Die, Repeat: Deathloop

Rob spent the last week playing video games as he came prepared to discuss his thoughts on Psychonauts 2, Deathloop, and The Artful Escape. Bilal meanwhile continues to make his way through Tales of Arise and dips his toes into Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

The Workprint’s Gamescast – Episode 69: Sony Showcase

Rob and Bilal dig deep into Sony's Showcase, new delays for major titles, and software updates that were a long time coming.

‘The Sandman’ on Audible – Review

A Story About Dreams, Myths, and Stories, The Sandman on Audible is a perfect adaptation For those unfamiliar, The Sandman is an epic about Dream of...

What To Watch at NYCC Metaverse 2020

Like Every Convention in 2020, New York Comic Con will be held online. Here’s the scoop about the biggest events and what to check...

‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Review: God Help Us All

We Take a look at the best and worst of Season 5. Especially, that mid-season’s righteous cliffhanger Since its first season, Lucifer has always been...

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