Hellcat’s New Superhero Murder Mystery Solo Comic Series is to Die For!

  Remember in Christopher Cantwell’s Iron Man, when Hellcat was set up for bigger and better things? Well, he’s about to show us what Patsy...

Hallows’ Eve is a Spider-Man Villain that’s Familiar yet Different

  The newest villain in the Spider-Man villain rogues lore is here. In just a few months, Hallows' Eve has become a very popular character...

Dead Seas #1 Review

  Ghosts are real, in a sense. They’re around us every day. An old picture, a scent of perfume or baked goods, a favorite song,...

Alligator Loki and Hulkling and Wiccan Kickoff Thanksgiving

  Happy thanksgiving Marvel fans! Just earlier in the week we had gone from X-Men Unlimited House of X meets Age of Apocalypse stories, to...

‘Marvel’s Voices: Black Panther #26’ Sees Debut of Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Artist Nelson Daniel

the latest Marvel Voices Black Panther is an amazing debut and a complete rethinking about Wakandan's relationships with Vibranium.

Nadia Pym and Ironheart Meet Paragon in Avengers Unlimited #21

In Avengers Unlimited #21 the vertical comic sees Ironheart and Wasp meet a brand new character in Paragon

Marvel Unlimited Releases a T.E.S.T. Kitchen Thanksgiving Special

A quick short about dumplings! From Marvel

X-Men Unlimited Issue #62 Review: The Best of Two Legendary X-Men Titles

A World Without X is a scenario where Apocalypse arrived just after House of X.

The Return of Spider-Gwen Features Gwen’s Greateset Threat: Herself!

Ghost-Spider to return in SPIDER-GWEN: SHADOW CLONES by Emily Kim and Kei Zama. We've got the reveal here.

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