No Sleep ‘Til Crookin’ in One Operation Joker Vol. 2

DC x Kodansha Manga bring back baby Bruce and his guardian Mister J.

‘Star Trek’ author Derek Tyler Attico on ‘The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko’

The recently released novel The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko tells the story of Starfleet’s celebrated captain, and Bajor’s Emissary of the Prophets, celebrating the 30th...

NYCC 2023: Lauren Jankowski on The Shape Shifter Chronicles, how a childhood nightmare inspired her book series, and the power of cosplay

Lauren Jankowski, author of The Shape Shifter Chronicles, chose a non-traditional publishing route, opting to release her books through an independent, author-driven publisher of...

NYCC 2023: John Jackson Miller on Star Wars: The Living Force, and How Obi-Wan and Yoda’s bad advice inspired the novel

Fan-favorite author John Jackson Miller has written numerous books and comics in the Star Wars universe, and his latest novel, Star Wars: The Living...

Meg Eden Kuyatt’s “Good Different” is a Fiercely Kind & Empowering Novel-in-Verse

“I ran, locked myself in one of the changing stalls. Mom banged on the door but I balled up on the dirty tile floor and cried and hyperventilated till my head stopped...

Bad People Tells a Poignant yet Darkly Humorous #MeToo Tale

The audio play by Kati Schwartz explores the unfolding and aftermath of an abusive relationship.

NYCC 2022: Author Randee Dawn Brings Entertainment Insider Knowledge to her Novel “Tune in Tomorrow”

Author Randee Dawn teamed up with Tea & Absinthe, a popular tea company known for themed and fandom-related products, to create a special tea related to her recently released contemporary fantasy novel, Tune in Tomorrow.

Marvel Makes NYPL More Fun With Spider-Man Library Cards October 11th

I'll just preface this piece by saying that public libraries have always been a personal haven for me. They were always a great place...

Bob Greenberger Launches Kickstarter for Pulp Anthology

With over 100 books and anthologies to his name, including several for Star Trek, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics, Robert "Bob" Greenberger has no shortage...

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