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The Winchesters: Season 1; Episode 5: “Legacy of a Mind” Review

Tuesday’s episode opened with a man (councilman Gordon Baxter as played by Ryan Reilly) troubled by his dreams, so much so that they killed...

The Peripheral Episode 6 Review: Fuck You and Eat Shit!

The sixth episode of The Peripheral sees some Conner backstory and gets filthy in language as we meet a new character that changes everything.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 7 Review: 1988

  It feels odd covering the fall finale of La Brea after a two-week hiatus. I'm not a fan of the fall finale phenomenon in...

Atlanta Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: It Was All A Dream

Dreams can be so real, you swear you lived them. Sometimes life is so surreal, you swear it's a dream. Do you choose to wake up?

The Peripheral Episode 5 Review: What About Bob? What About Our Story!

The Peripheral episode 5 is starting to lose its steam. While full of great eye candy, this one fell short for a story. Our review.

Quantum Leap Episode 8 Review: Stand by Ben (Spoiler-Free)

Eight episodes in and NBC's Quantum Leap finally finds balance. Our review of tonight's episode: Stand by Ben.

Young Rock Season 3 Episode 1 Review: “The People Need You”

In a plot-obsessed entertainment landscape, where the obsession over spoilers reduces stories to only their beats and twists, Young Rock has always been a refreshing...

The Peripheral Episode 4 Review: Jackpot… Maybe?

In our spoiler-free episode 4 review the fourth episode of The Peripheral reveals the truth about what's at stake and what's to come in the series.

Atlanta Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Andrew Wyeth. Alfred’s World.

Just because country roads don't see much traffic doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. Just because country folks are named bumpkins doesn't mean they aren't knowledgeable. Just...

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