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Yellowjackets – The Dollhouse Review

Sometimes, when you're weary and wandering in the woods, anything can be a place of refuge... until it's not. Welcome to the tertiary episode...

Yellowjackets – F Sharp Review

What is team building without a little bit of blood?

Day of the Dead Episode 5 Review & Recap

  Okay, now we’ve definitely finally hit our stride as not only is this one a fun adventure into zombie wedding season, but this mid-season...

Yellowjackets – Pilot Review

Sometimes an opposing team says I can eat you for breakfast. What if it was the same team?

Day of the Dead Episode 4 Review & Recap

  The positives for episode four are that it seems like the zombie conflict is finally coming to a head. Everyone is admitting slowly but...

What We Do In the Shadows Season 3 Finale Review: The Portrait

Sometimes art is just art.

Day of The Dead Episode 3 Review & Recap

Well, if there was an episode that could fully convince me that this was a series was going to be more of a comedy...

Day of The Dead Episode 2 Review & Recap

  So far, we’ve seen a lot going on in SYFY’s Day Of The Dead. Zombies are rising, body parts are going SPLAT, and apparently,...

What We Do In The Shadows Recap: A Farewell

Some Goodbyes Are Just Messy It never feels good to say bye to someone. It's a secret power to hide behind the tears, the type...

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