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‘Dune’ Filming Begins


Filming of the highly anticipated reboot to the science-fiction classic Dune begins at long last. The Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner …

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Monomythic Screenwriting, Episode 9: Character

The Avengers Assembling for Endgame

In this screenwriting lesson, I discuss character: What are the different character archetypes using the Monomythic structure, what the difference …

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Love, Death, And Robots: Review

A space ranger flees, a pilot in a mech fires guns from its arms, a werewolf devours flesh, a female android is disassembled.

Love, Death, and Robots, is beautiful in a messed-up sort of way.  It’s very unlike the Hollywood Studio approach to …

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Citing Low Viewership, Netflix Opts to Not “Make Room” for ‘One Day At A Time’ Season 4

One Day At A Time

And we should all be furious.

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‘Deadly Class’ Review – Episode 9: The Black Hole

Marcus, Maria, Lex, Billy, Saya, and Petra get off a bus. They mean business.

In the penultimate episode of season one of Syfy’s Deadly Class, everything comes together in Episode 9: Kids Of The …

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‘The Magicians’ Review: Dragons, Dreams, and Drama

The Magicians

In this week’s episode of The Magicians, Alice reunites with her mom Stephanie, Fen and Margo try to figure out …

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Supertrash: ‘Supergirl’ 4.13 “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?!?!”

This week on Supertrash Alyssa and Jen discuss episode 4.13 of Supergirl “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American …

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Monomythic Screenwriting, Episode 8: World Building

The City in the Sky from Alita: Battle Angel

World building often comes out of places of inspiration. The fun part is you get to play God. The hard …

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‘Deadly Class’ Review – Episode 8: The Clampdown

In this episode of Deadly Class: Saya and Maria prevent a race war, Billy and Lex have a three-way with Petra, Master Lin and Master Gao choose sides, and Marcus tells everyone the truth.

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‘Captain Marvel’ Review: Middle Tier MCU Film Still Delights

Marvel's latest ranks somewhere in the middle of their previous films but still entertains in spades.

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‘Paddleton’ Review: Ray Romano’s Finest Performance

I’ve talked about mumblecore on here in the past. It’s a very particular style of filmmaking, heavily reliant on improvisation …

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Monomythic Screenwriting, Episode 7: Inspiration

In this screenwriting lesson I talk about inspiration. Where to find it, how to harness it creatively, and what are …

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