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‘Shadowhunters’: What Do We Know About Lilith?

We first meet Lilith (Anna Hopkins) at the end of Shadowhunters season two after Sebastian (Will Tudor) created a portal …

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Get Your First Look at Syfy’s ‘Nightflyers’


Get an official first look at Syfy’s Nightflyers. The ten part series is based on George R.R. Martin’s novella of the …

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Supertrash Cast Legends “Amazing Grace”


Hi Guys! Welcome back to Supertrash: Legends to discuss Legends of Tomorrow episode 3.13 “Amazing Grace.” As always, Alyssa and Jen start …

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‘The Magicians’: We Find Out Where the Sixth and Seventh Keys Are

The Magicians

On The Magicians this week, we learn the location of the sixth key at the beginning of the show and …

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NBC’s ‘Rise’ is the Perfect Blend of ‘Glee’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’


NBC's "Rise" truly is what you would get if you threw "Glee" and "Friday Night Lights" into a blender and then strained and discarded the grainy excess bits everyone hates drinking.

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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2, Episode 1 Review: AKA Start at the Beginning

Jessica Jones

Jessica is back to being her self-destructive self

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Does Victoria Survive The Mirror Bridge? Hannah Levien Weighs In

Hannah Levien

Syfy’s The Magicians is currently on its third season and continues to surprise audiences in unique and imaginative ways. The …

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‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’: A Satire on the Satirist Behind ‘National Lampoon’

"A Futile and Stupid Gesture" is an endearing biographical comedy (albeit cliched at times) that serves as an homage to the great Doug Kenney, comedy genius and co-founder of the National Lampoon.

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Countdown to ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3 Giveaway


To celebrate the return of Shadowhunters season 3 on March 20, The Workprint is giving away some fun goodies to …

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Supertrash Cast Legends “No Country for Old Dads”

Legends of Tomorrow

Hi Guys! Welcome back to Supertrash: Legends to discuss Legends of Tomorrow episode 3.13 “No Country for Old Dads.” Alyssa and Jen …

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‘The Magicians’: The Fifth Key Is Found Under Pressure

The Magicians

On The Magicians this week, the fifth key was revealed as Quentin, Alice, and Kady find themselves transported to another …

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‘Genesis’ Review: Lord of The Flies Meets The Matrix In This Action Packed Sequel


Hailed as Lord of the Flies meets The Matrix, Genesis picks up three weeks after the events of Nemesis; the …

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