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NYCC 2019: Interview with Peter Hogan, Creator of ‘Resident Alien’

Dark Horse Resident Alien

We got to interview Peter Hogan, creator of the Resident Alien comic, about how he felt about his graphic novel …

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NYCC 2019 Interview: A Look Back at ‘Batman Beyond’ with the Cast and Crew

New York Comic Con brought back the cast and production team of Batman Beyond, including with actors Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, Lauren Tom, director James Tucker, casting director, Andrea Romano, and writer-producer, Alan Burnett, to discuss their experiences with the show, and it’s legacy within the DCU, as well as pop culture in general.

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Prodigal Son: Designer Complicity Review

Malcolm got the first two episodes, Mom is getting the third and fourth, but it looks like it will soon …

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‘The Purge’ Interview: Paola Nuñez Discusses Esme’s Discovery into the NFFA’s Secret

Paola Nuñez helps breakdown the madness of Purge night with the rules put in place by the NFFA.

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Joel Allen Opens Up on Ben’s Dark Journey in Season 2 of ‘The Purge’

The sirens have rung and for Ben, this particular Purge will change the course of this life.

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‘The Purge’ Executive Producers Tackle “What Happens After The Purge” With Season 2

The Purge tackles "what happens the morning after" with Season 2

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NYCC 2019: Epic Teen Mayhem on ‘Daybreak’

High school is hard enough, but add in the apocalypse and you’ve got a recipe for epic mayhem. At this …

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NYCC 2019 – ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Interview with screenwriter Mairghread Scott

Wonder Woman bloodlines

Screenwriter Mairghread Scott discusses the storytelling of the new animated Wonder Woman movie, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines at NYCC 2019.   …

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NYCC 2019: ‘Resident Alien’ looks like SYFY’s Newest Hit

Resident Alien cast

The SYFY pilot debut of ‘Resident Alien’ was well-received during their panel at New York Comic Con 2019. Here’s the …

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Supernatural: Back and to the Future – The Start of the Final Season Review

Sam, Dean, and Castiel deal with a zombie hoarde, sort of...

I guess if you’re going to change things up, why not do it on Season 15? This episode opens up …

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NYCC 2019 – ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Interview with actresses Courtenay Taylor and Mozhan Marno

The Workprint sat down with Courtenay Taylor and Mozhan Marno. Taylor is a voice-acting veteran, sporting an acting resume with 169 credits in tv, film, and video games. Marno has acted in television, such as The Affair and Madame Secretary, and video games, but this is her first role in an animated film.

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NYCC 2019 Interview: Marie Avgeropoulos Discusses Playing Silver Swan in ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’

Marie Avgeropoulus Discusses Playing Silver Swan in 'Wonder Woman: Bloodlines'

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