Twenty Sided Tavern is a delight for fans of comedy and D&D

It's tough being a Dungeon Master. You set create a fun and challenging adventure for your party. You carefully plot out monsters and traps...

‘Slay The Princess’ Review: A Game That Exceeds All Narrative Expectations

You find yourself in the middle of a dark forest before a lone cabin. The Narrator grants the simple eponymous instruction: enter the cabin and slay the princess. If you don’t, the world ends. But the princess has other plans. She will do and say ANYTHING to free herself. Will you do as you’re told or hear her out? After all, she’s the one locked up. The Narrator’s the one telling you to murder her.

NYCC 2023: The Last Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Preview You’ll Ever Need

By every gaming standard, this is going to be something special.

NYCC 2023: Earth Defense Force 6 is An Epic Return of Gun-Toting Combat

The beloved Japanese third-person shooter Earth Defense Force 6 returns with some new fun features and a sea of weapons for combat against aliens.

NYCC 2023: Meet the Voice Cast of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Panel

I didn't go to NYCC expecting much of the gaming world. But sometimes, opportunities arise unexpectedly, and that's exactly what led to my attending...

What is Genopanic? A talk with Game Director: Anton Surkov

We spoke with game director Anton Paramonov about this fun platformer in space sequel, Geopanic

Gen Con 2023 – Justin Gary on SolForge Fusion, Ascension, and Ascension Tactics

Gen Con 2023 was packed with many notable companies showing off their latest and greatest games in the tabletop and trading card game space. Justin...

Exclusive: Classified: France ’44 Enhances The Tactical Shooter Genre by Embracing History

This WWII themed game hits the mark with remarkably refined features

‘Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers’ is Equal Parts Roguelike and Pokemon

Part roguelike as it is monster collector.

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