Illustrated Lets you experience Vincent Van Gogh’s Art In Apple Arcade

Illustrated is a puzzle game that was created in collaboration with famous artists all over the world. This amazing, soothing experience debuted on Friday,...

BGFG Buys Out Longtime Gaming Aggregator N4G

The Long-time Gaming Aggregate N4G gets bought out by By Gamers For Gamers. Details Here.

‘Voodolls’ Co-Op Tower Defense Unveils Closed Beta Ahead of Debut This April

A Co-Op Tower Defense set in a world called Voodoo, this new tower defense game sees four souls given a chance to gain freedom...

Eversoul Launch Takes The Mobile RPG Genre to Beautiful New Worlds

Eversoul, the new Mobile RPG, promises to be a beautiful game featuring anime JRPG-styled heroes and combat.

‘Broken Pieces’ Review (PS5): It Comes Together Well Enough

  For a good psychological thriller to work, there needs to be an imprint left behind on the audience that makes them question their own...

‘Asterigos: Curse of the Stars’ Review – More Like Princess of War meets Souls-Lite

Part God of War. Part Elden Ring. All young lady Hilda hero. Asterigos: Curse of The Stars is a AAA game disguised in a indie body, here's our review why.

‘Logitech G Cloud’ Hardware Review: Reach For The Clouds

We are in an exciting time in the world of video games. Finally, no matter your preference, there is a console or device to...

SpiderHeck – The Lightsaber Fighting Game You’ve Been Waiting For

If you have a passion for lightsabers, laser guns, grappling hooks, and spiders, then look no further for the greatest 2D release since Adobe...

Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook and Cataclysm of Kang Expansion arriving Summer 2023

It’s a Dungeons and Dragons-styled game that’s less fantasy and more superheroes, written by award-winning game designer and NYT bestselling author Matt Forbeck. Fans of...

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