‘Asterigos: Curse of the Stars’ Review – More Like Princess of War meets Souls-Lite

Part God of War. Part Elden Ring. All young lady Hilda hero. Asterigos: Curse of The Stars is a AAA game disguised in a indie body, here's our review why.

‘Logitech G Cloud’ Hardware Review: Reach For The Clouds

We are in an exciting time in the world of video games. Finally, no matter your preference, there is a console or device to...

SpiderHeck – The Lightsaber Fighting Game You’ve Been Waiting For

If you have a passion for lightsabers, laser guns, grappling hooks, and spiders, then look no further for the greatest 2D release since Adobe...

Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook and Cataclysm of Kang Expansion arriving Summer 2023

It’s a Dungeons and Dragons-styled game that’s less fantasy and more superheroes, written by award-winning game designer and NYT bestselling author Matt Forbeck. Fans of...

Cult of the Lamb Review: Both a Crisp Dungeon Crawler and Immersive Colony Builder

Cult of the Lamb is a demented and charming game that's as much for those that love fishing and farming as dungeon crawling. Great with minor issues.

Tokoyo: The Tower of Perpetuity Review – Cute and Challenging, a Quintessential 2D Platformer

Vibrant Kawaii Aesthetic Belies a Ruthless Precision 2D Platformer Developed by solo indie game developer @saebashi and published by PLAYISM, Tokoyo released on June 2nd,...

Bright Memory: Infinite PS5 Review

A Serious Achievement in Design. Fans of FPS and Action Should Check Out Bright Memory Infinite Though Bright Memory: Infinite is a short game that...

Terraformers Early Access Review – One of the Finest Martian Games on Earth

Explore Mars, build and develop your cities, manage your resources, and transform the Red Planet into a Green Planet Developed by Asteroid Lab and published...

Ravenous Devils Review – Short and Sweet, With Just a Bit Sour

Ravenous Devils offers up an enthralling cooking sim with an interesting hook, excellent gameplay loop, and quality progression system, but lacks polish.

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