No Sleep ‘Til Crookin’ in One Operation Joker Vol. 2

DC x Kodansha Manga bring back baby Bruce and his guardian Mister J.

Machina Corpse x Global Comix to Release The God Machine Volume 1 Free

The God Machine x Global Comix bring you Volume 1 for free starting Feb. 15th.

Miles Davis and The Search for The Sound is a Synesthetic Comic about an artistic Legend

The best biographic graphic novel I’ve ever read alchemizes the sound of story and turns it into such vibrant colors.

Review: Iron Maiden and Z2 Comics Team Up to Celebrate 40 Years of Piece of Mind

Iron Maiden gets the illustrated treatment, compliments of collaborator Z2 Comics.

‘Where The Body Was’ Review: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips create a Short Little Masterpiece 

If Pulp Fiction was a Kind Suburban Murder Mystery, That Would Be This Gem of a Comic

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Features New Marriage Cover by Scott Campbell

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 along with Scott Cambell's cover becomes available on January 10th

NYCC 2023 Exclusive Interview: Dee Snider on Messed Up Parents, John Denver and His Upcoming Graphic Novel from Z2 Comics

The Workprint's own Robert Kijowski sits down with the legendary Dee Snider to discuss his upcoming graphic novel from Z2 Comics, Dee Snider: He's Not Gonna Take It.

‘Haliya: Heir to The Warrior Moon’ is The Perfect Kickstarter Supporting Filipino American History Month

We spoke with Haliya Co-Founder Waverley Lim and Kaitlin Fae Fajilan Filipino Classic gets Shared for a Modern Audience with The Story of the Goddess, Haliya. 

We Called It: Ultimate Spider-Man is a Return to Peter and MJ’s Marriage

Peter and MJ are together Again!

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