NYCC 2023: Manga Plus Provides Amazing Titles At a Low Monthly Price

At NYCC 2023 Josh checks out Shueisha's offerings, starting with Manga Plus. A affordable subscription service for popular new and old manga stories.

NYCC 2023: Liana Kangas on ‘Trve Kvlt’ and ‘Know Your Station’

Comic artist, writer, and illustrator Liana Kangas has come a long way in the past few years. Since participating in ComicMix’s Mine! A Celebration...

NYCC 2023: Brianna Garcia on drawing for comics and how she got her start

Artist Brianna Garcia, who is an illustrator for comics publisher IDW Publishing, became interested in drawing for comics thanks to a childhood trip to...

NYCC 2023: The New Marvel Ultimate Universe Gives Fans What They Want – An Older Peter Parker and More Peach Momoko

What We learned about the upcoming Ultimate Universe in NYCC 2023

NYCC 2023: AVENGERS TWILIGHT by Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuña is a Cyberpunk Styled End of Heroes Journey

Avengers: Twilight seems like a promising future where Steve Rogers needs to step up yet again.

NYCC 2023: Jeff The Shark Has Now Been Read 1 Million Times, So yes, The Marvel Unlimited Pets Series Does Well

It's Jeff! Always brought a cute almost Sunday Morning Cartoon Vibe to Marvel's Infinity Comics Brand

NYCC 2023: House of X Falls. House of Ten Rises. Yet above all Magneto Returns.

The end of the Krakoan age launches several X-Men titles including Fall of The House of X, Rise of The Powers of X, and Resurrection of Magneto.

NYCC 2023: Peter Rostovsky on his debut graphic novel, Damnation Diaries, and political satire

Artist and writer Peter Rostovsky’s debut graphic novel, Damnation Diaries, from Uncivilized Books, had a challenging road to getting printed. The horror comedy, a...

NYCC 2023: Dean Haspiel on Covid Cop, Billy Dogma and Jane Legit, and Why Romance is Essential

This weekend at New York Comic Con 2023, you can find acclaimed comic book artist and writer Dean Haspiel in Artist Alley at Table...

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