Marvel Mourns a Stunning Loss in Fallen Friend This July

A vital hero breathes their last later this month in Amazing Spider-Man.

The Maker Reshapes The Marvel Universe In Ultimate Invasion

The Maker defeating the Illuminati is only the beginning of the Ultimate Invasion, a dramatic and sensational Marvel event starting this June.

Agatha Harkness Pits Heroes Against Each Other in Contest of Chaos

Agatha Harkness is up to witchy mayhem in Contest of Chaos.

Spider-Boy Flips His Way into Edge of Spider-Verse #3 with Some Variant Covers

Spider-Boy is selling extremely well. Here's details on where to get the next one.

Immortal Thor Makes its Marvel Comic debut from Immortal Hulk Creator, Al Ewing

From Hulk to Thor, Al Ewing knows how to tell a story about Cosmic Immortals

Daredevil #1 Announced with Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder to Create It

Despite the New #1 the story actually picks up where Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto's story left off

New Black Panther #1 comic book trailer shows how effective T’Challa can be without a crown!

The king is out, long live the king! Welcome Eve L. Ewing, award-winning author behind Ironheart, Monica Rambeau: Photon, and Chris Allen, the artist...

Steve Rogers Faces the Outer Circle This August in Captain America Finale

It's really dangerous to miss an arc or two these days. I say that as someone who usually catches up on comics a year...

The X-Men’s Future Lies in the Past in Upcoming Jean Grey Series

Jean Grey has always been a big deal in comics. And not just because she was prominently featured in the X-Men animated series, though...

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