‘Ashes’ by Top Shelf is a Road Trip Adventure About Relationships, Death, and Living The Monkey Life

The debut Graphic Novel of renown cartoonist Álvaro Ortiz hits stores on February 7th, 2023. We did an advanced review.

Women of Marvel Don Variant Covers for Women’s History Month

Marvel's Women's History Month 2023 Features Variant Covers such as Scarlet Witch and Storm

‘Who is… Kang?’ The Answer is on Marvel Unlimited

'Who is... Kang?' The Answer is on Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Voices: Reptil #37 Hits The Goal! of Our Hearts

The latest Marvel's Voices comic by Daniel José Older and Michael Shelfer is a fun soccer match with dinos

Storm #1 Sees New Artgerm Variant Cover

Marvel announced in a press release that Storm will be getting a brand new series. Written by the legendary Ann Nocenti and drawn by...

New Jed Mackay and C.F. Villa Reboot The Avengers With New Run on The Series

The Avengers begin again with Avengers #1 on May 17th.

The Marvel Universe is Cursed Thanks to Loki’s Newest Weapon!

Come June the God of Mischief has his chaotic sights set on the Marvel Universe once more as he takes the lead in a...

Ghost Rider and Wolverine Team-Up in Weapons of Vengeance

Writer Benjamin Percy is expected to write a Wolverine and Ghostwriter crossover this summer, kicking off in Weapons of Vengeance Alpha. This team-up, along...

In ‘Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis’ Carnage Makes His Return in Limited Series

The new series sees writer Steve Orlando return with artist Justin Mason this May. Details Here.

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