NYCC 2023: Shueisha XR Provides An Immersive Experience

A wholly immersive manga experience.

The first offering from Shueisha I got to check out at NYCC this year was Manga Plus. The other was something called Shueisha XR, and it was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Using Transcendent Reality, it brings media to life in three-dimensions, spread across five different directions, including the floor.

Shueisha XR 1

While I had a guide at the Manga Plus booth, I didn’t need one for Shueisha XR. I just took a seat and watched the images play out across the screens in vibrant fashion. It brought manga to life in a novel way, somewhat similar to an IMAX screening. The sound projected all around, and the images were kinetic with action.

Shueisha XR 4

Images would leap off one screen and slash to another, which made for some very exciting moments. Shueisha XR also made use of great color, as well as pure black and white images.

Shueisha XR 9

I sat content for a good while, probably around 10 – 15 minutes. My only minor complaint was that I wasn’t seated at the very front, which led to many of my photos being interspersed with those ahead of me at the booth. But even then, I can see the appeal of Shueisha XR, especially if it’s used at special events to promote popular series.

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Be sure and check out my image gallery from Shueisha XR above. And stay tuned for my final piece from NYCC 2023!

Josh Speer
Josh Speer
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