Hallows’ Eve is a Spider-Man Villain that’s Familiar yet Different

  The newest villain in the Spider-Man villain rogues lore is here. In just a few months, Hallows' Eve has become a very popular character...

Alligator Loki and Hulkling and Wiccan Kickoff Thanksgiving

  Happy thanksgiving Marvel fans! Just earlier in the week we had gone from X-Men Unlimited House of X meets Age of Apocalypse stories, to...

‘Marvel’s Voices: Black Panther #26’ Sees Debut of Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Artist Nelson Daniel

the latest Marvel Voices Black Panther is an amazing debut and a complete rethinking about Wakandan's relationships with Vibranium.

Marvel Unlimited Releases a T.E.S.T. Kitchen Thanksgiving Special

A quick short about dumplings! From Marvel

X-Men Unlimited Issue #62 Review: The Best of Two Legendary X-Men Titles

A World Without X is a scenario where Apocalypse arrived just after House of X.

The Return of Spider-Gwen Features Gwen’s Greateset Threat: Herself!

Ghost-Spider to return in SPIDER-GWEN: SHADOW CLONES by Emily Kim and Kei Zama. We've got the reveal here.

Emma Frost Cover by Artgerm Shows Who’s the True Queen in Sins of Sinister #1 Variant

  Talk about your sinful covers! Featured as Marvel's newest story of the X-Men, Sins of Sinister is the newest mutant-related event that will see...

New Scarlet Witch #1 Trailer and Announcement to Introduce Darcy Lewis (Thor & Wandavision) Into Marvel Comics

Scarlett Witch #1's new trailer reveals that Darcy is coming to the Marvel Comics Universe. Check out the trailer and updates announced.

X-Men and Captain Marvel face-off against Aliens in Crossover: Revenge of The Brood

  The Brood, a race of parasitic pillagers, has returned to the Marvel Universe and their presence has been felt. Unfortunately, their plan to contaminate...

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