The Dawn of DC debuts Special Oversized Issues

The Dawn of DC has arrived, and with it a brighter future, but darkness is coming for this dawn. May brings with it a free...

Static-Team Up: Anansi Will Feature a Popular Character from the Animated Series

Vita Ayala and Nikolas Draper-Ivey, helming fan-favorite Static: Season One and critically lauded Static: Shadows of Dakota, know a little something at making Milestone’s...

Marvel Unveiled ‘X-Men 97’ Story Details along with Live-Action Hellfire Gala and More at 60 Uncanny Years Event

The 60th-anniversary special revealed the plot to the upcoming X-Men 97 and unveils a live-action Hellfire Gala by D23 at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

Spider-Rex and Venomsaurus are featured in Edge of Spider-Verse #1 Variant

Two frenemies as dinosaurs have at it. Details here.

‘Batora: Lost Haven’ Official Launch Revealed for Nintendo Switch

The teams behind Team17 and Stormwind Games have announced just now, that Batora: Lost Haven will launch on April 6th for the Nintendo Switch....

Marvel’s future could be threated by weapons forged in Loki’s past in a new comic book series!

Here’s the cover for Loki, a limited series by Dan Watters and Germán Peralta, dropping in June!

‘Captain America: Cold War’ Debuts New Comic Book Trailer

Last year, Steve and Sam became separate Captain Americas leading to two branching storylines in Marvel comics with Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty and...

Scarlet Witch Annual #1 sees Agatha Harkness setting up a Contest of Chaos!

Artist Bryan Hitch teased the upcoming Contest of Chaos last week with a promotional image, but this summer the new Marvel Comics saga is...

Silk #1 Cindy Moon Variant by Derrick Chew Revealed

Silk returns with an all-new series this May marking a beloved return for this Spider-Verse icon. To celebrate, Marvel has commissioned their beloved and...

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