Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Features New Marriage Cover by Scott Campbell

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 along with Scott Cambell's cover becomes available on January 10th

Bad CGI Gator trailer sees Full Moon Features Fully Embracing Their B-Movie Subculture

A Reptile Dysfunction from The Folks Making Barbenheimer into An Actual Movie

An Interview with Christian Angeles and Jameson Matunas on the Tomb of Baalberith V2

It's not every day I get to interview a friend and colleague about an exciting crowdfunding project. But that's exactly what happened today! I...

We Called It: Ultimate Spider-Man is a Return to Peter and MJ’s Marriage

Peter and MJ are together Again!

NYCC 2023: Cosplay Quest

NYCC is not my first convention, but it's definitely the first one I've attended where cosplay is a gigantic part of the experience. I've...

“One Man Star Wars Trilogy” Warps into Queens Theatre

It's a great time to be in New York if you're a fan of theatrical performances of Star Wars. In addition to A Musical...

NYCC 2023: Shueisha XR Provides An Immersive Experience

The first offering from Shueisha I got to check out at NYCC this year was Manga Plus. The other was something called Shueisha XR,...

NYCC 2023: Manga Plus Provides Amazing Titles At a Low Monthly Price

At NYCC 2023 Josh checks out Shueisha's offerings, starting with Manga Plus. A affordable subscription service for popular new and old manga stories.

NYCC 2023: The New Marvel Ultimate Universe Gives Fans What They Want – An Older Peter Parker and More Peach Momoko

What We learned about the upcoming Ultimate Universe in NYCC 2023

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