NYCC 2023: Cosplay Quest

With great numbers comes tons of cosplay photos!

NYCC is not my first convention, but it’s definitely the first one I’ve attended where cosplay is a gigantic part of the experience. I’ve seen some assorted cosplay at PAX West and E3, but never like this. Everywhere I looked there was amazing cosplay. So I decided to whip out my phone camera and take as many photos as I could.

At first I tried asking for permission, but in the sea of humanity I was often unheard. As such, I decided to take the photos whenever I could, usually stopping in mid step to pull up my camera and click a winner. And I’m someone that very much believes in candid shots and visual variety. So even if a photo turned out blurry, if the cosplay was great I kept it. Though thankfully there were only a couple blurry ones.

What follows first in my Cosplay Quest, what I consider my top 10 from the show. Stuff that either resonated deeply with me or which took a chance in an impressive fashion. It runs the gamut from comics to video games and everything in between. Take a look!

Top 10 #1 – Poison Ivy and Deadpool

Cosplay Quest Top 10 A

Top 10 #2 – Sentinel

Cosplay Quest Top 10 B

Top 10 #3 – Blue Beetle

Cosplay Quest Top 10 C

Top 10 #4 – Kirby

Cosplay Quest Top 10 D

Top 10 #5 – Captain America Robocop

Cosplay Quest Top 10 E

Top 10 #6 – Kraid

Cosplay Quest Top 10 F

Top 10 #7 – Spider Punk

Cosplay Quest Top 10 G

Top 10 #8 – Resident Evil

Cosplay Quest Top 10 H

Top 10 #9 – Silk and Spidey

Cosplay Quest Top 10 I

Top 10 #10 – Jokers and Baby Batman

Cosplay Quest Top 10 J

But wait, that’s not all for Cosplay Quest! Here are the rest of the cosplay pictures I took at NYCC 2023, in a handy gallery. Please give them a look and marvel at the massive talent on display. And thanks for checking out The Workprint’s ongoing coverage of the convention!

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Josh Speer
Josh Speer
Josh Speer enjoys all sorts of things, but he grew up reading comic books. Stories of wonder and whimsy delight him, as do underdogs and anti-heroes. While admittedly a fan of many Marvel and DC characters (thwip thwip), of late he reads more independent comics. Big fan of Image, Dark Horse, IDW and lately even some Aftershock. Loves stories that are quirky, weird and which feature stunning artwork. Completely shocked that Marvel Netflix still exists on Disney+. Enjoys talking about comic books without getting lost in the minutiae, and focuses most on character relationships and development.

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