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NYCC 2023: Cosplay Quest

With great numbers comes tons of cosplay photos!


NYCC is not my first convention, but it’s definitely the first one I’ve attended where cosplay is a gigantic part of the experience. I’ve seen some assorted cosplay at PAX West and E3, but never like this. Everywhere I looked there was amazing cosplay. So I decided to whip out my phone camera and take as many photos as I could.

At first I tried asking for permission, but in the sea of humanity I was often unheard. As such, I decided to take the photos whenever I could, usually stopping in mid step to pull up my camera and click a winner. And I’m someone that very much believes in candid shots and visual variety. So even if a photo turned out blurry, if the cosplay was great I kept it. Though thankfully there were only a couple blurry ones.

What follows first in my Cosplay Quest, what I consider my top 10 from the show. Stuff that either resonated deeply with me or which took a chance in an impressive fashion. It runs the gamut from comics to video games and everything in between. Take a look!

Top 10 #1 – Poison Ivy and Deadpool

Cosplay Quest Top 10 A

Top 10 #2 – Sentinel

Top 10 #3 – Blue Beetle

Top 10 #4 – Kirby

Top 10 #5 – Captain America Robocop

Top 10 #6 – Kraid

Top 10 #7 – Spider Punk

Top 10 #8 – Resident Evil

Top 10 #9 – Silk and Spidey

Top 10 #10 – Jokers and Baby Batman

But wait, that’s not all for Cosplay Quest! Here are the rest of the cosplay pictures I took at NYCC 2023, in a handy gallery. Please give them a look and marvel at the massive talent on display. And thanks for checking out The Workprint’s ongoing coverage of the convention!

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