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Welcome to The Workprint, the home of veteran entertainment industry writers who cover everything from television, movies, games, and pop culture. Our editorial team delivers reviews, news, and features on a daily basis.
With entertainment constantly changing and refining, we aim to breakdown, discuss, and redefine the evolution of what’s to come.

Bilal Mian is The Workprint’s Editor-in-Chief. Born and raised in New Jersey, Bilal has spent majority of his life enthralled by television and movies. When he’s not in front of the TV, you can find him with a book in his hand or off on a run.

A nerd to the core, Jen Stayrook (Co-Editor-in-Chief) spends most nights up late playing Jen Stayrook The Workprintvideo games. When she’s not kicking everyone’s butt in the virtual world, she obsessively over analyzes every book she reads. You can usually find Jen arguing about Game of Thrones theories, watching Xena re-runs, or ranting about the necessary return of Firefly. Once, Jen wrestled the Loch Ness Monster and won. Even though she owns a top hat, Jen’s never been described as “classy.” You can find her on Twitter: @jenstayrook

workprint_writers_robRoberto Valentin (Games Editor) spends his days as an attorney, father, and husband. His nights are spent saving the world on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Sometimes he writes a review or makes a dumb video for The Workprint, but mostly he just hosts the Workprint Gamescast. Honestly, he only has this position because he went to college with the Editor-in-Chief. You can follow him on Twitter: @SunnyVice20


Nicole C. is the Features Editor for The Workprint. She drinks copious amounts of coffee and tends to read and watch things with a little of the magical or fiction of the science kind to them.


workprint_mattdegrootAfter growing up in small town Iowa, Matt DeGroot (Film Editor) fell in love with movies and has pretty much devoted the rest of his life to watching them, reviewing them, and hopefully making them. He now lives in West Hollywood and spends any time not spent of watching movies producing educational media content and playing adult dodgeball.

workprint_writers2Will Fan is a man of varied interests. Born in New Jersey, he was raised on a steady diet of books, video games, television, and movies. With no formal background in film or television, he approaches most things with an open mind. When he’s not binging on movies or television, he’s probably working his way through an extensive backlog of unfinished video games. You can follow him on Twitter via @will_fan

Matt Perri is one of those literary Ronin you’ve never heard of until he shows up and tells you he’s a literary Ronin. He’s a native Californian, a film buff, old school gamer geek, and a sports/entertainment fan. A lifelong Giants, 49ers and Sharks fan, he also covered the world of pro-wrestling, writing recaps for WWE Monday Night RAW and Total Divas at Scott’s Blog of Doom. You can now follow the guy on Twitter via @PerriTheSmark as well as here at The Workprint and his own blog, “Matt’s Entertainment”.

Terence Chen is someone who realizes that his love of comic books siTerence Chennce he was a child is one of only things allowing him to understand pop culture right now. He’s irreverent and irrelevant most of the time, but every once in a while, he can put together a few coherent thoughts. He is currently a contributing writer on the Workprint. You can follow him on twitter @ErrantBachelor, and read his personal ramblings at TheErrantBachelor.wordpress.com

workprint_writers2Alyssa likes long walks on the beach, Greek food, talking about television, watching a good sunset, and girls who wear glasses . Wait, this isn’t a bio for OKCupid? Alyssa got her start recapping in college when her friends got tired of her constantly talking about TV and suggested she start a blog. The idea was if she wrote about TV she would talk about it less. Well her friends succeeded in one of their goals…she started writing about TV. Twitter: @TVwithAPB


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