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Don’t Touch That Dial! Late Night With the Devil is Must See TV

How far would you go for success? What are you willing to sacrifice? Who are you willing to hurt? That's the question posed by Late Night...

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Can Only Muster a Feeble Roar

Readers of this site know that I am a massive fan of Godzilla and all things kaiju. The brilliant Godzilla Minus One was my favorite...

Chatting with Chandra Free: The God Machine Creator Talks Art, Influence, and Industry

Robert Kijowski has seven divine questions for the creator of The God Machine.

Madame Web Review: I Liked Morbius and Thought This Was Bad, That’s How Bad It Is

I am kinder than most so I found some saving graces here and there, but Madame Web is legitimately a bad movie.

‘Rebel Moon’ is 2 Hours of Tropes in Search of a Story

You've seen this film before. Maybe it wasn't called "Rebel Moon," but you've definitely seen this. Have you ever seen a space opera? A movie...

The Killer Review: Fassbender Leaves A Trail of Dead in Fincher’s Dreamy Adaptation

The Killer is a gorgeous, globe-trotting slow burn of bloodshed.

The Marvels Review: Higher, Further, Faster!

Generally, when I go to watch a Marvel movie, I go for the veteran characters. Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and the like. Which...

‘When Evil Lurks’ Review: Bleak and Brutal Film Revels in the Visceral Horror of Demonic Possession

When Evil Lurks gripped me far more tightly than Terrified, Argentinian writer-director Demián Rugna once again displaying his talent at crafting unnerving imagery but...

‘A Capsule for Robin’ Takes a Meditative Look at the Apocalypse

How do you plan for a future you won't be a part of? Is it even worth it? Those are the questions at the...

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