NYCC 2023: AVENGERS TWILIGHT by Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuña is a Cyberpunk Styled End of Heroes Journey

Avengers: Twilight seems like a promising future where Steve Rogers needs to step up yet again.

NYCC 2023: Meet the Voice Cast of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Panel

I didn't go to NYCC expecting much of the gaming world. But sometimes, opportunities arise unexpectedly, and that's exactly what led to my attending...

NYCC 2023: Jeff The Shark Has Now Been Read 1 Million Times, So yes, The Marvel Unlimited Pets Series Does Well

It's Jeff! Always brought a cute almost Sunday Morning Cartoon Vibe to Marvel's Infinity Comics Brand

NYCC 2023: House of X Falls. House of Ten Rises. Yet above all Magneto Returns.

The end of the Krakoan age launches several X-Men titles including Fall of The House of X, Rise of The Powers of X, and Resurrection of Magneto.

NYCC 2023: Orphan Black: Echoes sees Promise

Orphan Black: Echoes sees the return of the beloved sci-fi series to television. A deep dive into the harrowing science fiction saga, this new...

NYCC 2023: Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire Season 2

A preview of AMC's interview with the vampire season 2

NYCC 2023: Everything Learned From The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Panel 

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon premiere saw a satisfying conclusion with the promise of more quality over quantity TV. Details of it at NYCC and more here

Celebrate 60 Years of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes With Marvel’s Future Avengers

The future is bright for these young Avengers!

True Believers is Cosplay Slasher Horror At its Best

Debuting this past weekend at the Colorado Festival of Horror, graphic horror novelist Stephen Graham Jones has paired up with fantasy fiction horror writer...

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