Vision and The Avengers Become Embattled against The Twilight Court Later This Year

Vision may be the last Avenger standing as The Twilight Council makes its return

Monomythic Episode 3: On Horror and People with Clay McLeod Chapman

In the third episode of Monomythic, we speak with horror author Clay McLeod Chapman about his horror-telling halcyon days, along with his latest works...

Monomythic Episode 2: On Trauma and Resiliency with Natalie Norris

For my second guest on Monomythic, we spoke with comics creator Natalie Norris about her debut graphic memoir. About a month and change ago...

Monomythic Episode 1: Talking Story with Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz

Stories are the thing that lives on well after we're gone. We talk with Comics Creator Fernandes-Lenkiewicz on his most recent property.

Henshin! Volume 1 Review: A New Hero Blazes To Life

Power up for an Ultraman-inspired tale called Henshin! Check out our review of volume 1.

Check Out Hickman and Schiti’s G.O.D.S, Coming in October

Well, someone left Jonathan Hickman unsupervised again, and now he's doing crazy things in Marvel comics. This time, him and Valerio Schiti are working...

Ms. Marvel Returns As The New Mutant This August

I think it's fair to say Kamala Khan has captivated fans since she first joined Marvel's heroic universe. Not just the comic, but also...

Godfell Volume 4 Review: A Bloody Mind Bender About Gods and Mortals

As a longtime lover of comics and proud nerd, I've read a lot of comics out of order. Not intentionally, mind you, but usually...

Paul Cornell Joins AHOY In Satire Con & On

Paul Cornell, Marika Cresta and AHOY Comics satirize comic conventions over the past decades in Con & On. A tragi-comedy in five hilarious parts.

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