NYCC 2023 Exclusive Interview: Dee Snider on Messed Up Parents, John Denver and His Upcoming Graphic Novel from Z2 Comics

The Workprint's own Robert Kijowski sits down with the legendary Dee Snider to discuss his upcoming graphic novel from Z2 Comics, Dee Snider: He's Not Gonna Take It.

An Interview with Christian Angeles and Jameson Matunas on the Tomb of Baalberith V2

It's not every day I get to interview a friend and colleague about an exciting crowdfunding project. But that's exactly what happened today! I...

‘Haliya: Heir to The Warrior Moon’ is The Perfect Kickstarter Supporting Filipino American History Month

We spoke with Haliya Co-Founder Waverley Lim and Kaitlin Fae Fajilan Filipino Classic gets Shared for a Modern Audience with The Story of the Goddess, Haliya. 

We Called It: Ultimate Spider-Man is a Return to Peter and MJ’s Marriage

Peter and MJ are together Again!

NYCC 2023: Cosplay Quest

NYCC is not my first convention, but it's definitely the first one I've attended where cosplay is a gigantic part of the experience. I've...

“One Man Star Wars Trilogy” Warps into Queens Theatre

It's a great time to be in New York if you're a fan of theatrical performances of Star Wars. In addition to A Musical...

NYCC 2023: Shueisha XR Provides An Immersive Experience

The first offering from Shueisha I got to check out at NYCC this year was Manga Plus. The other was something called Shueisha XR,...

NYCC 2023: Manga Plus Provides Amazing Titles At a Low Monthly Price

At NYCC 2023 Josh checks out Shueisha's offerings, starting with Manga Plus. A affordable subscription service for popular new and old manga stories.

NYCC 2023: Liana Kangas on ‘Trve Kvlt’ and ‘Know Your Station’

Comic artist, writer, and illustrator Liana Kangas has come a long way in the past few years. Since participating in ComicMix’s Mine! A Celebration...

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