‘South Park’ Review: “Not Funny”

South Park
Season 20 Episode 9: Not Funny
Original Air Date: 11/30/2016

With only one more episode before the end of the season, South Park used “Not Funny” to build-up towards a climactic finale. Many plotlines that were brought up in the prior episode look to have disappeared. The South Park writers seem to have put themselves in quite a bind to finish all this up in one final episode, but looks can be deceiving.

Trolltrace is officially live and the citizens of South Park are in a panic. The police tell the residents that there is nothing to fear as long as they can rely on the rationality and basic decency of the American people to not look up anyone’s internet history. Unfortunately, these principles have gone out the window and the whole town is in panic.

Cartman and Heidi are still trying to find a way to Mars at SpaceX. Heidi is in front of a whole wall of complex equations and can not seem to make any sense of it. Elon Musk continues to question that this will not work out with precious time being wasted. Butters sticks up for Heidi, which Cartman does not like very much. Butters breaks it to Cartman that girls are not what they seem. Girlfriends make you feel all great inside until they leave, covering your heart in poop. He also reveals to Cartman that girls are not that smart or funny. That it is what they do to connect with you. Cartman refused to believe it at first. When he asks Heidi to say something funny as she solves the huge equation board with emojis, she ignores him. Cartman finally sees that girls are not funny.

South Park Not funny

Back to the main trolling plotline, the trolls have been stripped naked and put into an isolated room filled with chairs with restraints. Gerald finally realizes that he is wrong. He apologizes to Dildo and the other trolls. Gerald asks to speak with the Danish leader of Trolltrace. While Gerald is trying to convince the leader that he is not guilty, the leader says to Gerald what if you could troll the entire world? He winds up not even being Danish. The point of starting Trolltrace was to watch the whole world go batshit. He winds up rick rolling Gerald, Trolltrace, and all the trolls yet again.

Kyle and Ike seem to be the only ones trying to save the world. They found Mr. Slave to get Garrison to bomb Denmark at first by calling Garrison a pussy ass bitch only to find out later that Gerald is in Denmark. They stop Garrison once again by antagonizing him, calling him a dipshit gay puppet that shits out your dick. It seems that we can get the President of the United States to do whatever we want by antagonizing him on social media along with other forms of communication. By the end of the show, Kyle and Ike seem to have a master plan to correct all this but they must lock Sheila in the pantry.

It is in Kyle and Ike’s plotline thought that we might have seen a hint from the South Park writers and staff. In a traditional Kyle monologue, Kyle comes out and calls out South Park. He asks when has South Park ever been like this. South Park have always been the ones to take charge and never be afraid. This seems to be a direct stab at their new episodic format. It appears that Matt and Trey know this too.

With one more episode left in the season, I guess we will find out if this whole season just a massive Rick Roll to us loyal fans? Will South Park go back to their old ways of individual stories? What did the memba berries really mean when they said the real Stormtroopers in episode 8? What is Caitlyn Jenner really up to? With so many unanswered questions, this last episode is going to need to pack in a ton of detail. Let’s hope Matt and Trey deliver in this grand finale!

Leo Ng
Leo Ng
Leo always loves to have a good laugh. His love for cartoons and comics started in Hong Kong with initial exposure to My Neighbor Totoro, Dragon Ball Z, and An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. His interests have since expanded to cover a wider variety of genres and mediums. If he’s not playing video games or watching a new show, you can find him staying active either running or rock climbing. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram via @the_eengee

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