‘Shadowhunters’ Interview: Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario Talk Characters, Camille, and Stunts

Shadowhunters arrived at New York Comic-Con in full force with the main cast attending along with director McG, showrunner Ed Decter, and author Cassandra Clare. The series will be premiering on ABC Family/Freeform on January 12, 2016 with a special “Making of Shadowhunters” episode airing beforehand on December 6.

The Workprint caught up with Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario to chat about the upcoming show, how they prepared for their roles, the crazy stunt work they had to do and vampire Camille Belcourt (Kaitlyn Leeb). Shum plays High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane while Daddario is Alec Lightwood, a Shadowhunter and parabatai to Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood).

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See our full interview below:

Do you guys have a favorite scene that you’ve shot over the whole course, is there one that you’re like yes that’s the one I love the most, or excited, or frightened to do?

Matthew Daddario: There are some stunts scenes that were very fun that sort of stick out because they require the most preparation obviously there’s a lot of the physicality of it. But yea you know I don’t know, I just…

Harry Shum Jr: You guys have a lot of really cool fight scenes.

Matthew Daddario: There’s one really great scene that happens, I can’t say anything about it.

Harry Shum Jr: That’s the hard part! You guys are asking us about it and….blaagh….

Matthew Daddario: It’s really good!

Can you tell us who’s involved….

Matthew Daddario: I can’t!

Harry Shum Jr: How this show is the relationships are a huge part, if this interaction happens it foreshadows a lot of what happens after that so as much as we want to it’s really difficult because you know you might notice at the end of the book and some things have shifted a little bit as well makes a huge difference. But I think it was always fun for me when the whole crew is there, when the whole crew is shooting scenes together cuz a lot of times I have scenes with him and I have scenes with Kat and I never see Isaiah.

In doing the whole season you’ve done so far, if you could be a different character who would you be?

Matthew Daddario: I know who I’d be. I’d be Magnus of Valentine for sure. Magnus is you know, that’s a lot of fun to work with, I mean you’ve got a lot of stuff to work with there. And Valentine’s the same way he’s evil as all hell and that’s fun, that’s real fun.

Harry Shum Jr: I would probably…you know what’s cool, we see Camille.

Matthew Daddario: Oh Camille’s great!

Harry Shum Jr: She’s as snark as, I think even snarkier than Magnus. She has the power over him uhm and she’s so much fun cuz she’s a vampire. You kind of live a lavish life.

Matthew Daddario: She’s sadistic as well.

Harry Shum Jr: Very sadistic.

Matthew Daddario: And also kind of goes between this evil to kind oh you know…

Harry Shum Jr: And you can’t help but be attracted to that but also I need to stay away. Which I’m assuming a lot of people in relationships can relate.

Speaking of Camille are we going to see a little bit of sort of the triangle between your three characters this season or can’t talk about it?

Harry Shum Jr: No, I think if fans of the book that have read it you know they’ll see that there is some interaction, yea I think go to the book and you know we do take some of that. A lot of that will stay true.

Can you give us a character description in five words? 

Matthew Daddario: Conflicted, rigid, leader…that’s three….I would say caring brother.

Harry Shum Jr: Snarky, sassy, cat-like, uhm and he’s compassionate…

Matthew Daddario: Wise…

Harry Shum Jr: Hedonistic.

Watch this sneak peak from the show:

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