NYCC 2015: ‘Shadowhunters’ Interview – Sizzy’s First Encounter

Shadowhunters arrived at New York Comic-Con in full force with the main cast attending along with director McG, showrunner Ed Decter, and author Cassandra Clare. The series will be premiering on ABC Family/Freeform on January 12, 2016 with a special “Making of Shadowhunters” episode airing beforehand on December 6.

The Workprint chatted with stars Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis) and Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle Lightwood) to talk all things Sizzy, food, whips, and so much more during press roundtables.

NYCC 2015: ‘Shadowhunters is Sexy, Dark, Mysterious Fun

Watch the full interview now (warning: you will get hardcore Sizzy feels):

What was your most fun scene to film so far?

Emeraude Toubia: Omg I love…

Alberto Rosende: The first Sizzy scene, that was a lot of fun. Cuz it’s a very ah, Simon’s not very good with girls.

Emeraude Toubia: And Isabelle doesn’t know how to cook and she cooks for Simon. So not a good move.

Alberto Rosende: And in the books that’s a thing! So then you have the gorgeous Emeraude walking over and Simon is just kind of like…girl.

Emeraude Toubia: And it…can I say where? (Looks at Rosende) No right? Can I say where it was done? Where the first scene…no I can’t! It was a very intimidating place where we have our first encounter.

Alberto Rosende: A place where Simon’s not at all comfortable.

Emeraude Toubia: Ya! Where boys shouldn’t be in! I don’t know, it’s up to you guys to take it from there.

Can you guys talk a little bit about familial relationships, like I know they cast your mom, your dad, Max and even for Simon’s family as well. Is that going to feature prominently this season?

Emeraude Toubia: Yes it is. Our families is going to be featured a lot in there and Isabelle’s relationship with her mom is different in the series, it’s not like its written in the books because we want to take it to places we don’t want everything to just be there we want to grow that relationship. So Isabelle’s relationship with her mom is different but her relationship with her brothers you know is the same, she loves him, she’s willing to die for him. It shows how selfless Shadowhunters are that they’re willing to risk their lives to save others. So I love that relationship between my brother and my little brother Max, my big brother Alec and my little brother Max, so my relationship, I love that family relationship.

Alberto Rosende: And then for me for Simon it’s really interesting because in the books Simon’s mother doesn’t really come in until the fourth book and you don’t really find out about his sister till the fifth book and then it’s one of those things that it’s going to be really fun to explore that now that they’re bringing her in right away. So when Simon starts to go through those changes that we all kinda know about I’m interested to see how that affects him cuz you know he’s very much a family person. So it’s going to be really cool.

See this sneak peek from the show!

Nicole C
Nicole C
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