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And so Watchmen ends, but how was the ending? And, for that matter, how was the series as a whole?
The Supernatural series finale is finally here. Did it satisfy? I’d say, mostly yes.

The 100: Season 7 Episode 16: “The Last War” Review

Finales are tricky. There’s pressure to please the fans yet end the show in a way that maintains the integrity of its themes and setup. The 100 had a very simple setup: find a place to call home. And, in that respect, the finale paid that bill.

All The Moments You Need To Know in ‘The Magicians’ Series Finale

The Magicians series finale leaves audiences with a roller coaster ending and the seed of a new beginning. Here are seven epically unforgettable moments...

‘Game of Thrones’: The End of The Golden Age of Television

After eight seasons of epic battles, power-mongering, and political intrigue, Game of Thrones has finally reached its conclusion, marking the end of the golden age of television.

’12 Monkeys’ Series Finale Ends At The Beginning

As far as series finales come, I can’t imagine a more satisfying ending to 12 Monkeys as the show answers all the questions we’ve...

‘Revenge’ to End This Season on ABC

Emily Thorne's quest to seek revenge is coming to an end. Entertainment Weekly has learned that the series starring Emily Vancamp will conclude its run on Sunday,...

The Workprint’s Favorite ‘Glee’ Performances

Whether you loved it or hated it, there is no denying the cultural phenomenon that was Glee. The show about a small town high...

‘Parks and Recreation’ Review: “One Last Ride”

As Chris Traeger would say, that was literally the best series finale ever. Parks and Recreation has always been the underdog in NBC’s comedy lineup....

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Interview: Jimmy Smits Weighs in on Grim Finale

If Sons of Anarchy has taught us anything it may be this one simple thing – happy endings in the world of criminals is...

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