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You find yourself in the middle of a dark forest before a lone cabin. The Narrator grants the simple eponymous instruction: enter the cabin and slay the princess. If you don’t, the world ends. But the princess has other plans. She will do and say ANYTHING to free herself. Will you do as you’re told or hear her out? After all, she’s the one locked up. The Narrator’s the one telling you to murder her.
Organ Trail is a film about survival against bandits in the old frontier. A Review

Definition Please Explores Family Dynamics and Mental Health

A story of complicated relationships, indelible memories, and unfulfilled potential Produced in 2020, Definition Please is a comedy-drama that was just released on Netflix two...

‘Wargroove’ Hits Switch, Xbox, and PC on February 1

Wargroove launches on February 1st on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, priced at $19.99.

‘Discstorm’ Review: All the Frisbees in the World Can’t Save You Now

Discstorm is a fun, retro arena-fighting game developed by XMPT Games that unfortunately, is going to suffer from a bad release. I waited to...

Early Access Review: ‘Leap of Fate’

This is an early access review, which means that things are likely to change or be added to the game. With that in mind,...

Small Game Saturday: To the Moon

Over the past few years, indie developers have made quite an impact on the gaming world. No longer tied to the red tape (and hefty...

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