Sega Forever Brings ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and Other Classics to Mobile as Free to Play Titles

Sega is bringing a growing collection of classic video games from every console era to mobile devices for free.

The collection, called Sega Forever, kicks off today with five free-to-play titles that will be ad supported and playable offline.

“Above all else Sega Forever is a celebration of nostalgia. It’s about allowing fans to reconnect with past experiences and share them with family and friends in an accessible and convenient way,” explained Mike Evans, CMO of SEGA’s Mobile Division in the West in a press release. “Join us on a journey of rediscovery as we roll out two decades of classic games free on mobile. Create your own ‘Sega Forever folder’ and collect your favorite classics. Enjoy moments of nostalgia on the go, or sync a Bluetooth controller to enjoy a console-like experience in your living room. SEGA Forever democratizes retro gaming, and seeks to change how the world plays, rediscovers, and shares in classic game experiences.”

The first round of games will consist of these Mega Drive/Genesis titles:

  • Sonic The Hedgehog, the 1991 household classic that has remained at the forefront of hearts and minds since inception
  • Phantasy Star II, the longtime fan-favourite RPG from 1989
  • Comix Zone and Kid Chameleon, two American titles developed by SEGA’s in-house studio STI
  • Altered Beast, the original Genesis pack-in title, a beat-em-up set in Ancient Greece that represents a weird and wonderful segment of the SEGA catalogue that is ripe for rediscovery

The games will feature cloud saves, controller support, and leaderboards. Players will be able to purchase an ad-free version for $1.99 through in-app purchases.

The Sega Forever collection will grow with additional releases coming every two weeks.


Bilal Mian
Bilal Mian
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