NYCC 2020 Metaverse: ‘Truth Seekers’ Debuts New Trailers

The Amazon original created by Nick Frost premieres Friday, October 30th

When we first covered Truthseekers at SDCC 2020 this summer, little details were known about this Nick Frost helmed comedy. But during this comic-cons Truth Seeker’s Panel, we saw a lot more revelations along with a brand new trailer of some video exclusives.

An Amazon Prime original, Truthseekers reunites Simon Pegg and Nick Frost into the realm of the supernatural. A supernatural comedy, the series is more ghosthunters than ghostbusters, with a little bit of X-Files inspired comedy sprinkled in between. What’s unique, is that the show is equal parts horror and comedy, not unlike the Cornetto trilogy. 

In Truthseekers, Nick Frost’s Gus goes on debunking myths in a search for truth. He has lost his wife several years ago and wants to wipe out the last vestige of hope that he will ever find her again, in this life or the next. He then meets Elton John (the in-show character not the singer) and his whole world changes, as the paranormal and the afterlife, are possibly real.

The cast shared their experiences of what it was like to audition for the series, with Nick Frost, overseeing casting personally. He also liked to begin the day with a big good morning hug, as the panel also revealed. 

The cast shared their own supernatural experiences in their own personal lives. Experiences with mermaids, grandmother spirits revealed to be squirrels, and of course a ghost: Simon and Nick Frost’s old roommate in their 20s. Apparently, the duo had some close encounters and often went off on supernatural investigations of their own as young single men. 

Malcolm MacDowell also revealed that he absolutely loved the scripts. He sought to work on this project, shot in England, despite not having been there in 20 years. The takeaway from the panel was that the cast really likes working together.  There was also, surprisingly good chemistry reported between each member of the cast. And though the series looks surprisingly scary, it was also very nostalgic. And surprisingly kind. 

“I think it was one of the only things that I watched where I didn’t cry because I didn’t hate it immediately.” 


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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