NYCC 2020 Metaverse: ‘Invincible’ Confirms Michael Dorn as Battle Beast

The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman talked about expectations for his new adapted comic series, Invincible. 

During a short panel at NYCC 2020 Metaverse, Hector Navarro moderated a question and answer panel about Robert Kirkman’s new animated series, Invincible. The story about a son who’s inheriting his father, Omni-Man’s superhero legacy. That and of crouse, the craziness behind the scenes of the life of a superhero.

Created by Kirkman, Ottley, and Cory Walker, it’s revealed the creators are working closely on the series to keep the comic as close to the animated show as possible. With all of the creators working on the series in some fashion. Likewise, the violence is revealed to actually be more intense than in the comic series in a surprise reveal. While there have been many confirmed A-list casts of characters, Robert Kirkman actually confirmed on the live panel that Battle Beast is revealed to be on the show. With Michael Dorn, from Star Trek, The Next Generation confirmed to be voicing the character. 

Invincible is coming in 2021

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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