Iman Vellani Casted As The New Ms. Marvel

The Unknown Actress will be playing Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Pakistani and Muslim Superhero

Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel has been all the rage in the past month. With her character’s premiere in the Marvel’s Avengers video game, and later, the confirmation of her class A Disney+ directors team. It seems like Disney has been greenlighting everything, Ms. Marvel, this month thanks to the character’s excellent reception. As such, Disney and Marvel, after months of debate and casting, has finally decided on choosing 18-year old Canadian actress Iman Vellani for the titular role. Vellani is a relatively unknown though has major expectations for her role within the overall Marvel Universe, and though virtually nothing is known about Iman Vellani, she was part of the Next Wave Committee at the Toronto Film Festival.

Originally confirmed in Deadline, the news of the casting took most of the internet by storm. With many celebrities praising the choice, as the character of Ms. Marvel is one of the most important characters ever created for representation in comics history. A fangirl who just seeks to live a normal life growing up, she’s seen as one of the first minority modern adaptions of the American teen, is the first Muslim female superhero ever created for comics, and also, just so happens to reside in Jersey City, New Jersey. Which is my home state as well. 

Kamala Khan is also the Ms. Marvel replacement of Carol Danvers (who went on to become Captain Marvel in the comics and Brie Larson in the MCU movies), and has become a beloved icon in the industry since 2013. She also is planned to play an important role, as confirmed by Kevin Feige during Disneys D23 in 2019. Feige went on to say that Kamala Khan will also feature in the later MCU movies outside of the Disney+ universe. 

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