Cobra Kai Season 3 returning to Netflix in 2021

Corba Kai returns on January 8th with a Season 4 Now Already Officially Confirmed

The surprising hit Cobra Kai, originally a youtube special now picked up by Netflix, has already confirmed both a new season and a sequel. The continuation of the Karate Kid franchise, the show has been a smashing sensation for Netflix. Frequently hitting the top 10 charts of its most-watched in the US since its debut. A Sony TV original series, Cobra Kai was recently bought out by Netflix from youtube, as all the produced episodes are planned to release in January. In what’s to be a full transfer over from youtube to Netflix.

Now, we’ve covered Cobra Kai pretty extensively on The Workprint. The show has been so incredibly successful for Netflix that a Season 4 is now officially confirmed in the works. Cobra Kai is also a series that was picked up and continued with a new life on Netflix, following other series such as Lucifer, The Killing, You, and Arrested Development. Cobra Kai was so incredibly successful on youtube that its first episode alone was watched by a whopping 55 million viewers.

Cobra Kai is a show that’s set in the same timeline as the original Karate Kid film franchise, just set 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. It tells the aftermath story of Dan (Ralph Macchio), who struggles for balance in his successful life, without the teachings of the wise Mr. Miyagi as a mentor. He also has to face down his old rival Johnny, who oddly enough is now the point of view protagonist, and his now reopened Cobra Kai dojo. A unique take on the series, the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel is… in the simplest ways to put it… both excessive and hilarious. A brilliant take on the popular series through and through.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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