No Time To Die Delayed to Easter Weekend

With more movie cancellations due to the pandemic, Daniel Craig’s final James Bond moves to April 2nd as Cinemas indefinitely shutdown in response.

In a move that surprises no one given the financial flops of films being released during the Covid-19 pandemic — such as Mulan and Tennet to name two — No Time To Die moves to Spring Easter Weekend of 2021. Right when the F9 Fast and Furious sequel planned to release that date, has decided to move to Memorial Day Weekend of 2021. 

The next installment in the Bond franchise was originally expected to release on April 10th of this year. It was then pushed back to November due to the complications caused to opening theatres due to widespread pandemic and then moved yet again this time, to next year. The move was reportedly done in order to tap into a wider global-wide audience. As films continually struggle to make ticket sales, and others, are seeking other forms of digital distribution online. Preferably, at less of a market loss.

In fact, No Time To Die has already spent money on both its advertisements and partnered sponsorships, all of whom will be deducting losses from the film’s overall costs (as special released Bond-themed watches, sneakers, and cars, cost cash). With major losses at most major cinemas projected into 2021, it’s uncertain what will happen to the future of movie cinemas or if there’ll be another delay of release. As a result of the delay, Cineworld (owner of Regal) has decided to shut down all of their cinemas indefinitely for what’s apparently going to likely be the remainder of 2020. Although massive layoffs will be expected, there will be hope for a reopening in 2021.  

No Time To Die is set five years after the capture of Ernest Stavro Blofeld. Where a semi-retired James Bond, is approached by the CIA for help in the search of Valdo Obruchev, a missing scientist. It’s a mystery that sees Bond confront Safin (Rami Malek), a unique supervillain whose brilliance serves as the antithesis to Bond’s cunning, whose nefarious schemes could cost the deaths of millions.

The movie is going to be Daniel Craig’s finale. It’s been reported that Tom Hardy will be the next Bond character.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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