Eversoul Hosts New Valentine’s Day Event

Eversoul celebrates Valentine's with in-game event stages and exclusives

Lonely weeb hearts rejoice, as Eversoul, The mobile RPG from Kakao and Nine Ark is releasing a Valentine’s Day event exclusive. Available from now until March 2nd. The Valentine’s Event features a special stage called ‘Bonbon Chocolat Paradise’ which can be entered daily. In it, we see 7 levels with 2 stages each that will have players duking it out against Valentine’s costume-equipped monsters, with rewards coming in Everstones, Soul’s Memories, and Love Potions.

These love potions can be exchanged for costumed exclusives such as the “Pure Heart Chocolatier” for Rebecca and “Sweet Savage Maid” for Jacqueline. They can also be used to obtain special objects including a Floating High Sweet Balloon, Pure Love Merry-Go-Round, Sweets Tree, and the Chocolate Ferris Wheel – with an assortment of goods for decorating the town or buffing the player.  Atop of this, there will also be a special login bonus and Valentine’s Daily mission.

Players can bag Soul’s Memories which can be used to add Epic Souls Rebecca and Jacqueline for completing daily missions, along with other valuable resources and even more Love Potions via the Valentine’s Daily Mission Event.

For those who enjoy Eversoul’s PvP, loot earned for winning Arena matches are doubled for the event. In addition, the Hearts you give and receive with your friends will also double during this period, seeing you benefit from interacting with both friend and foe.

Rose Poison Velanna, a lovely yet deadly Soul with a passion for sword-swinging chaos has now joined the beautiful roster of playable characters as a formidable ally. This new Undead Warrior has a higher chance of being acquired through a pick-up summon event until February 15. Players also have a higher chance of pulling Undead support character Prim in a pick-up summon event which will run until February 23, making it the perfect time to reinforce your party with powerful Undead-type Souls.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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