Eversoul Launch Takes The Mobile RPG Genre to Beautiful New Worlds

Eversoul, the new Mobile RPG, promises to be a beautiful game featuring anime JRPG-styled heroes and combat.

Kakao Games and Nine Ark Inc. are excited to announce the official launch of Eversoul, the highly anticipated mobile RPG. Players can immerse themselves in a world of Souls and embark on a quest to save their world from invaders.

Eversoul features engaging lore and story, and players can collect a variety of unique Souls with their own skill sets and spirit-imbued artifacts. The game also incorporates interactive story content and a relationship system, allowing players to form close bonds and even romance their Souls to enhance their performance in battle.

In addition to traditional RPG elements, Eversoul also offers dungeon crawling and PvP arena content for players who enjoy intense action. The Town serves as the hub area where players can send their Souls on part-time jobs to gather EXP and resources, and an idle offline mode allows Souls to continue tasks even when players are not actively playing. There is also a town-decorating mode for players to get creative and design their own mesmerizing towns.

Since being showcased at various major offline events in 2022, Eversoul has garnered a large following and received over 1.5 million pre-registrations globally. Players can now join the adventure and start collecting and fighting their way to save the world of Souls.

Available on Google Play and the apple IOS store.

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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