Witness The Hulk’s Wrath From a New Angle in Hulk Annual #1

Check out the Hulk from a terrifying new perspective in Hulk Annual #1!

It’s no surprise that the Hulk is a terrifying force of nature. But in Hulk Annual #1, which comes out this May, we’ll get to see that fury from a different perspective. A documentary crew captures the birth of the green rage monster in The Viridian Project. The whole issue will be stitched together from found footage and will showcase Hulk versus the monstrous Giganto.

That’s not all. Hulk Annual #1, written by David Pepose and drawn by Caio Majado, will also set the stage for a new era of Hulk adventures. Readers will get an exclusive preview from the creative team taking the reign this summer.

Here’s what the writer of Hulk Annual #1 had to say about the opportunity:

“When my editor Wil Moss first reached out to me about writing this HULK ANNUAL, it took me a beat to wrap my head around the enormity of it all,” Pepose said. “The Hulk is such a massive character, just this larger-than-life figure who is equal parts man, monster, and unstoppable force of nature. And it’s that feeling of unfathomable scale that we’re looking to explore in ‘The Viridian Project,’ our found-footage story about a team of filmmakers shooting a documentary on the legacy of Bruce Banner… and the horrors they discover when they actually find him. It’s been incredibly exciting to dive into the Hulk’s adventures through this truly human lens, and I can’t wait for readers to witness first-hand what it’s like to ride out an encounter with The Strongest One There Is!”

Be sure and check out the full image for Gary Frank’s epic cover below. And stay tuned for more exciting stories from Marvel.

Hulk Annual #1

On Sale 5/17

Josh Speer
Josh Speer
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