Our Dreams Have Come True: Alan Tudyk And Nathan Fillion Are Making Another ‘Firefly’ Series (Not Really)

Okay, so maybe my title is a bit misleading but I cannot contain the excitement and I just had to proclaim it to the world. The truth of it is, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion (from Firely, come on now) started an IndieGoGo campaign for a new web series called Con Man. I’m a huge fan of web series and love what shows like The Guild, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, etc. have done for the internet, AND I’m a huge fan of this duo, so naturally, I peed my pants a little upon reading the news. But here, let me stop rambling and let the boys tell you all about it in their own words:

So basically it’s like Galaxy Quest, but probably with fewer aliens (and without Tim Allen, thankfully). The campaign has already tripled its goal of $425,000 and with 29 days left to fund, I’d guess that number will get a wee bit larger which only means more episodes. Also of note, The Verge states:

A handful of other sci-fi stars will also appear in the series. That includes Firefly costars Gina Torres and Sean Maher, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, as well as Felicia Day, Amy Acker, and Seth Green.

Eh? Eh? What do we think, Browncoats? It’s not Serenity, but let’s be honest, the camaraderie between the Firefly actors is what we all really miss. I still maintain it’s not too late to do a Firefly animated series. Come on, Joss. Don’t let me down.

No news about when the web series might be released, but that’s a while off, yet. All I know is, Con Man already has at least ten episodes to watch and almost no chance of being cancelled!

Jen Stayrook
Jen Stayrook
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