All-Out Avengers Offers “All-Out” Full Throttle Action

Avengers Assemble…again! Marvel Comics is dropping a new action-packed and adventurous title that will pit our heroes in brand new adventures with an original new villain.

On September 8, 2022, Marvel Comics will release a new and well-teased Avengers series known as All-Out Avengers. Announced at the Marvel Comics: Judgment Day Panel at San Diego Comic-Con this past week, Avengers All Out is slated to be one of the most exciting new titles to hit shelves this fall in your local comic books. 

Moderated by Marvel VP and Executive Editor, Nick Lowe, and featuring writers Mark Brooks, C.B. Cebulski, David Pespose, Mark Russell, and Darren Shan, the Marvel Comics Judgement Day Panel creators discussed their plans for Marvel’s biggest crossover event of the year. While doing so, the panelist also shone a light on a unique series that will start off the fall lines for the comic giants. 

What is really cool about the All-Out Avengers announcement at SDCC2022, is the trailer accompanying the announcement, which features the vibrant artwork of top-notch artist Greg Land

Within this trailer, we see our favorite Marvel Comics character come to life in the style of stop motion. First, we are introduced to both Iron and Thor who have to battle off a turned evil Captain Marvel, an Avengers team up with Captain America, Spiderman, Spiderwoman, and Black Panther, appearances by She-Hulk, Blade, Dr. Doom, and the introduction of a brand new villain known as Queen Arrok.

All-Out Avengers promises to be a full-throttle non-stop action adventure with thrills like no other found in other Marvel Comics titles. Written by award-winning novelist and screenwriter, Derek Landy, All-Out Avengers promises in media res action with every panel of the comic book, wasting no time for the readers looking for a truly explosive story. 

According to Marvel Comics’ press release, All-Out Avengers will have no set-ups and no exposition, as it will place our favorite Avengers characters in different and dangerous battles. When asked about writing within that format and playing with perspective in storytelling, Landy states: 

“The trick was to work within the confines inherent in the concept, but also to find a way to deliver what everyone would expect: a continuity of ideas and the development of an overarching storyline,” Landy said about the book’s unique premise. “I needed to find the hook that drags the reader from issue to issue, and I figured the best way to do that was to put the Avengers in the exact same situation as the reader: they are aware that this is happening, but they don’t know why…”

Even more interesting is that each issue will have a stand-alone story to it, while simultaneously bridging an overarching story with each new issue release. As illustrator Greg Land mentions about All-Out Avengers #1: 

“After reading Derek’s script for #1, I knew it would be a fun and challenging project,” Land added. “All of the scripts so far have been full of interesting and cool scenes for our changing roster of Avengers. Hitting each issue in the middle of the action is a terrific story vehicle and gets us off running from the start. I hope everyone can see the excitement in the artwork and all-out action( pun intended).”

We’ve already talked about many exciting Marvel Comics titles announced for this fall and all-Out Avengers is certain to be a knock-out series with nonstop action and fantastic artwork for Marvel Comics this fall.

All-Out Avengers #1 comes out on 9/7/2022. It’s written by Derek Landy with art by Greg Land. Inks are done by Jay Leisten and colors by Frank D’Armata. The cover is done by both Greg Land and Frank D’Armata. 

Jad Kaado
Jad Kaado
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