A New Fantastic Four?

Debuting in May, the team now features Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and The Hulk

Originally featured in an issue of 1991’s Fantastic Four #347, this team-up by comics creators Walter Simonson and Arthur Adams had seen the four of the most outstanding superheroes from Marvel, as a temporary team-up of the new Fantastic Four. Loved by fans but short-lived, this team will see its surreptitious return this May.

Written by Peter David, and debuting the new artist Alan Robinson, the NEW FANTASTIC FOUR will be brought back, smack dab from moments just after the original group’s first appearance. All for a classic era story much like the hit titles of X-Men Legends, Maestro, and Silver Surfer Rebirth.

In this Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Joe Fixit (Hulk), Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man look into a surge of crime in Las Vegas, caused by some sort of demonic masterminds behind the scenes.  While investigating, the story will feature some Marvel cameos including the original Fantastic Four, along with the appearance of a mysterious series of villains fans will be surprised to encounter.

“Although their original stint was extremely short-lived, the alternate version of the Fantastic Four has had its fans for years, including myself. I am fortunate Marvel has given me the opportunity to revisit with them and take their battles to new heights in a new location with new allies and new enemies,” said David retarding the original team-up and its upcoming revisit.

“Talk about debuting with a big bang in Marvel Comics!” Robinson added in Marvel’s press release. “With characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Wolverine, and written by the awesome Peter David, no less! This is a dream come true for me as an artist and as a fan, and the story gets richer with each page. A total blast!”

As a treat, fans can also look at Nick Bradshaw’s wraparound cover that features both the original and newly acclimated team. The NEW FANTASTIC FOUR arrives May 25th.

For more information, visit Marvel.com.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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