Watch ‘Dig’ Go Deeper Than Ever in This Exclusive First Look Clip

The plot has certainly thickened on USA Network’s event series “Dig,” as the final two episodes prepare to shed long-awaited light upon the core mysteries surrounding Tad Billingham’s (David Costabile) religious agenda, Ambassador Ridell’s (Regina Taylor) nefarious involvement and how it all connects to the 2,000 year-old secrets being uncovered in Jerusalem.

In this exclusive preview clip from Thursday’s penultimate episode, “Jehoshaphat,” Peter (Jason Isaacs) and Golan (Ori Pfeffer) witness the arrival of a private jet carrying Billingham, acolyte Faye (Angela Bettis) and “chosen one” Josh (Zen McGrath), but it’s not the passengers who take the detectives by surprise. Rather, it’s the presence of Ambassador Ridell and her behavior toward young Josh that has them saying what viewers will likely echo themselves:

“Holy sh–!”

Get a sneak peek at “Jehoshaphat” below, and share your thoughts on all things “Dig” in our comment section!

Don’t miss the final two episodes of “Dig,” Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.

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Video and images courtesy of USA Network.

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