This Day In Good Vibes: Chika’s “U Should” Music Video

The world may be headed for a collision, but Lo and Listen, a voice of hope emerges from the fog like a Lighthouse of Love. Let her siren song serenade you.


It feels increasingly stressful that the sinking world and the souls on board are headed for impending finality. Maybe in a few weeks, some shit can truly be turned into jetsam and we can start plugging up some holes to get back on course. Until then, I suggest as we try everything to not meet a watery grave, we turn to music, as it’s a clever distraction from the laborious tasks we are doing and have yet to do- and among the deckhands, I’ve come across one doing everything in her power to help get through this. Her name is Chika and I truly believe in this storm, at least for the moment, she may help us maintain whatever bilge that’s accumulated.

This multi-hyphenate talent comes to us in this blighted land by way of the Red Tide state of Alabama… and trust me, the fucking drip is real, so if you’re sleeping on her now… she’s about to wake 2021 the fuck up!

She garnered notoriety through Instagram for not only clowning Trump’s 2016 win, as well as a savage freestyle aimed at Kanye for his execrable support of Trump over his own beat, no less. This lady isn’t taking any shit and she’s sure as fuck not up for cleaning yours either. Facts.

Sonically, she’s no stranger to sticking up for what’s going down. She’s flipped the script Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” for her Pride-theme. At the behest of uber talented screenwriter/actor Lena Waithe, she performed “Richey vs. Alabama” on Kimmel, spotlighting her state’s 2019 abortion bill. If that weren’t enough, however, ya girl can fucking spit!

We thusly arrive at her newest COVID-19 era joint. Premiering on the ever hard-hitting, side-splitting Desus & Mero (Showtime), “U Should” is an aural loom work of velveteen vocals, intoxicating instruments, and radiant rhymes. The elocution in her bars in and the way she seamlessly transitions to the chorus and another verse and back to sinfully catchy chorus makes this song an official banger and a well-needed shot in the soul.

These days, anything, even palliative that can transport ourselves to that place of happiness, however ephemeral is welcomed and if Chika is a sign of things to come, I can say with some assurance that there will be the illumination, much like those tiki torches in her video (which we’re taking back,) in the face of darkness. Oppression has no room to breathe when this bop is on your speakers!

So crack open a cold one or pop that cork on a cool night, take it out to your nearest fire pit (should you be in possession of one), and decompress and destress in quiet solitude to this newest drop. Let her buttery vox flutter and fall in firey notes around you like deciduous leaves on an Autumnal night… and know that in this in this stormy weather, there’s still a crew on deck, waiting to make it to land ho.


Robert Kijowski
Robert Kijowski
Robert J. Kijowski is a screenwriter who enjoys a good chuckle and an even better weep when indulging in art both good and even better bad. He enjoys the company of strangers in a theatre but adores the camaraderie of friends watching Netflix. He also loves to talk- a lot. This can be read through his recaps and reviews on the Workprint or heard through his weekly movie podcast, After the Credits. His presence can be felt through Facebook, Spotify or Ouija. Don’t use the latter though- he almost always ghosts people.

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