The Marvel Universe is Cursed Thanks to Loki’s Newest Weapon!

Dan Watters and Germán Peralta’s LOKI limited series begins in June!

Come June the God of Mischief has his chaotic sights set on the Marvel Universe once more as he takes the lead in a brand-new solo series! Loki is a four-issue limited series with art by the fantastic Germán Peralta (Black Panther, Maestro) and featuring Dan Watters (Sword of Azrael, Arkham City) making his Marvel Comics writer debut.

It’s a new day for Loki but his past deeds aren’t about to just disappear. A collection of ancient Norse weapons forged by the God of Stories is gonna make some mischief for this trickster god when they wind up scattered throughout the nine realms. Visit scenic Nidavellir, Kree space, and of course Earth while Loki tracks these instruments of chaos down before they fall into villainous hands. On his scavenger hunt Loki will clash with iconic Marvel villains, stir up the Avengers, and be forced to come face to face with his true dark self.

“It’s hard to say what a delight it is to be making my Marvel debut, even more so to be doing it with the God of Stories himself- taking him all the way around the Marvel Universe and back again,” Watters shared. “I can’t wait for all to see the beauty Germán’s art is breathing into this tale we have to tell you, full of magic, danger – and if Loki can’t help himself (he can’t) – quite a smidge of mischief.”

“Loki is one of the most interesting characters, not only in comics, but also in mythology, and his ambiguity in all aspects of his life makes him a very interesting character for an artist,” Peralta said. “I always say that I really enjoy drawing villains, but Loki has everything. It was ‘love at first sight’ when I read the script. Dan is amazing, and I’m sure he’s having a lot of fun with it too. I can’t wait to draw Loki’s expressions, since there are always double intentions with him, and it’s going to be very entertaining to play with that, as well as everything related to his universe. Having the opportunity to draw Loki is undoubtedly a beautiful way to start the year. It’s going to be a road full of challenges, but I’m sure it’s going to be a great journey.”

Here’s a taste of Rod Reis’ interpretation of some of Loki’s most memorable forms.

Loki teaser image

LOKI #1 (OF 4)

Written by DAN WATTERS

Teaser Cover by ROD REIS

On Sale 6/7

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