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The Banana Splits Movie Review: Post Mortem

I’ve been afforded the gift of sharing with you guys a glimpse into my podcast, After the Credits. I host it with my better half, Norton. With a bit of chagrin, she agreed to pull the trigger and grimaced through the pain of watching The Banana Splits Movie with moi.

As you’ll encounter, this is a movie where we honestly harbor more questions than answers. Sometimes, however, ya just have to trust some flicks become cult classics because they fail at being bigger than the sum of their parts.

The Banana Splits Movie I’m still on the fence with, as its intentions aren’t fully known. You’ll find that out as we elaborate on that more.

As for the creep factor, it completely delivers. In terms of the violence factor? It’s really the only thing audiences would be eager to talk about. It’s the star of the show, the bell of the goddamned ball. It’s not the selling point, as that’s implied. I see it more as the high-octane to a mediocre ride. It still gives it kick though, which might help it cross the finish line.

All we have no is word of mouth to go by before the movie hits SYFY on September 21, 2019.

If you’ve seen the flick or don’t care for spoilers, cozy up with Norton and I as we find out what a Banana Split truly is.

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