‘Teen Wolf’ Review: “Face-to-Faceless” & “Pressure Test”

This week, instead of one episode of Teen Wolf, we get two! The faceless body continues to terrorize Beacon Hills, the hunters refuse to agree to peace with the supernatural, and Liam is still working on his anger issues. I’ll be reviewing them both together here because “Face-to-Faceless” and “Pressure Test” combine to set us up for what seems like an exciting final 5 episodes of the series.

I Said no Spiders
“Face-to-Faceless” opens with baby-faced lacrosse player in the morgue staring at the faceless corpse. I was very stressed out during this scene because a) it looked like he was considering making out with the body and b) I knew there were going to be spiders. So baby-face barfs spiders all over the faceless body (an actual nightmare I’ve had), and apparently, the spiders were animating him because the minute they’re out of his body, he collapses, seemingly dead. Behind him, the faceless body sits up. Ugh. After Parrish thinks he sees the body in the sheriff’s office, Melissa, Sheriff Stilinski and Parrish go to the morgue to see if the body is still there. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

There Sure are a lot of Random Werewolves in This Town
A random werewolf girl gets a flat tire and is suddenly surrounded by a bunch of hunters. This is a lot like what happened to Theo. At first, it seems like she’s going to be saved when a sheriff’s deputy shows up to the scene, but then the deputy shoots her in the head. Dang. Don’t worry, she’s not dead. She ends up showing up to Scott’s house at the end of the episode to warn the pack just how many people are involved with the hunters.

Teen Wolf

Liam Continues to Have a Series of No Good, Very Bad Days

Liam doesn’t want to go to school after everyone saw he was a werewolf, but #1 werewolf dad Scott McCall shows up and gives him a pep talk about Superman. I can’t believe I was ever mad that Scott bit Liam and added him to the pack. When Liam finally shows up to school, everyone is staring at him like he’s a monster. It’s not that I think people shouldn’t be afraid of one of their classmates being a werewolf, I just think it stretches reality a little bit to have everyone go from being so oblivious to so insane about it. When Liam shows up to the locker room, the entire lacrosse team is gathered there, saying that they’ve voted him out as captain. When Coach shows up unannounced, Liam says he chose to step back as captain, seemingly so as not to cause any more conflict with Nolan.

It’s not enough that they got him removed as the lacrosse team captain, the lacrosse team is also tracking Liam around the school and trying to expose him in front of everyone. In order to escape, Liam ducks into the guidance counselor’s office. “Face-to-faceless” taught me that the guidance counselor’s name is Monroe, which apparently I’ve missed until now. Monroe offers to help Liam, but he notices Brett’s claw marks on her neck and immediately realizes that she’s one of the hunters.

Nolan and some others from the lacrosse team ultimately corner Liam in a classroom and start beating the crap out of him. He’s saying his mantra and doing his best not to lose control, but the beating just continues. Eventually, a teacher shows up but says “sometimes it’s best to let them work things out on their own.” Just as I start to genuinely wonder if Liam is going to let these guys beat him to death, Coach shows up and for once in this entire show, behaves rationally. He berates everyone for standing by and doing nothing, and after Coach clears the room, Mason helps Liam out to his car. While there, he confronts Liam about taking the beating because he feels like he deserves it after what happened to Brett and Lori.

Teen Wolf

Team Wolf Peace Summit 2k17

Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris Argent try to figure out what they’re going to do next. Chris suggests that it’s his fault that Gerard is now training new hunters. Malia agrees with this, saying that he could have killed Gerard, and Chris makes an EXCELLENT face that basically says “yeah, you’re right.” Scott wants a face-to-face sit down with Gerard to try and bargain for peace and Chris offers to go because he doesn’t think Gerard will kill his own son. I don’t have the same faith in Gerard, to be honest. When Chris meets with Gerard, Gerard wants him to tell Scott to run. Chris immediately goes to Melissa, sadly not to make out, but rather to try and convince her that Scott should leave town. He tells Melissa “I just want him to survive,” and I might start crying a little because remember when Chris was actively trying to kill Scott?

Lydia invites Monroe to the Principal’s office to discuss a peace summit and somehow I don’t think the real Principal Martin would approve. Monroe doesn’t seem convinced, but ultimately she agrees to meet with Scott in the tunnels. Malia doesn’t want Scott to go, and they have an adorable encounter where she continues to pretend she’s not interested in him. When Scott goes into the tunnels to meet Monroe, it becomes apparent that she is the one calling the shots, not Gerard. We find out that Monroe was one of the people on a bus that the Beast attacked in Season 5. She’s mad because Scott didn’t check the bus to see if there were any survivors. Just when I think Scott might really be in trouble, Lydia, Malia, and Parrish show up. Lydia realizes that the faceless body is in the tunnels with them, but Parrish is able to light it on fire, ultimately destroying it.

Teen Wolf

Sheriff’s Station Showdown

The second episode of the night, “Pressure Test,” opens with two werewolves from Satomi’s pack and Theo being tortured in the tunnels. The hunters didn’t kill Theo, but apparently, they did kill Satomi. The three werewolves manage to escape, just in time for Sheriff Stilinski to show up and arrest them for murder. Theo manages to trick the other two into confessing on camera that they murdered some hunters, so Parrish and Sheriff Stilinski release him. Team Wolf shows up and tries to convince Stilinski that there’s someone in the department who is working for Monroe and Gerard. The female werewolf (Quinn) who was shot by a deputy describes what happened, but is unable to remember which deputy it was. Before they can make a plan, the hunters show up to ambush the Sheriff’s department and I can’t stop thinking about how displeased Stiles would be with this development, especially when the Sheriff willingly walks out to meet Monroe and Gerard without a weapon. While Sheriff Stilinski and Monroe get in a pissing contest, Nolan creepily lurks behind some cars and makes crazy eyes (typical Nolan).

Back inside, the wolves are getting ready to make a break for it, but before they can , the Sheriff comes back and says Monroe has given them until midnight to turn over Satomi’s two werewolves. Nolan breaks into the station in an attempt to kill the werewolves, but Liam stops him, discovering in the process that their eyes are blue. True Alpha Scott McCall is very disappointed that they are killers, but Sheriff Stilinski lectures him that in war you often have to make hard choices, and those choices often involve killing people.

While this lecture is going on, one of the deputies becomes panicked and hangs himself. When Parrish and Sheriff Stilinski run in to help, another deputy shoots herself in front of them. Lydia realizes what’s happening and says the faceless body is in the station with them. They attempt to escape the sheriff’s station by staging the two deputies as the werewolves from Satomi’s pack and turning them over to Monroe. It almost works until Monroe asks to see their pack symbol, and Theo and Scott realize they’re screwed. Just as she’s about to figure it out, Agent McCall shows up to make sure “no one else dies tonight.”

Teen Wolf

Druids, Chimeras, and Humans, OH MY!
Deaton is back! He heads into Eichen House (just shut that place down already!) to find more about the hellhound that was killed at the beginning of the season. When Deaton asks the orderly if he can have a weapon, he is told no because “people use them on themselves.” Soon we realize what he meant by that because Deaton is overcome by the same sense of terror that everyone has been experiencing, but he forces himself to keep going, and eventually he comes out clutching a piece of the wall.

Meanwhile, Corey and Mason are lurking around the Beacon Hills High library, ignoring their homework and trying to figure out what’s causing all this fear. Corey is worried that Mason is going to get hurt in a war between humans and the supernatural, so they decide to break into the animal clinic to investigate the “root cause” (aka the dead wolves that were found in the season opener). Deaton is there, and he shows Corey and Mason the piece of wall he found in Eichen House. Apparently, the hellhound was guarding against an ancient shapeshifter with two faces, one hideous and one not. This reminds me a lot of the Darach, and I miss Jennifer Blake.

Teen Wolf

Goodbye Beacon Hills

Agent McCall negotiates a way for the pack, Satomi’s two werewolves, and Theo to leave the state, instead of being killed. He lurks in Scott’s room watching him pack and says “I’d rather watch you leave the state than watch you die.” On one hand, I’m glad he’s trying to be a good dad, but on the other, where is Melissa? She knows Scott would never run from something like this. Malia and Scott hold hands, Corey and Mason say their heartfelt goodbyes, and Satomi’s two werewolves are driven away in a van, only to be killed by hunters.

After being left behind, since he’s a human, Mason is in class doing math on the chalkboard when words start appearing in front of him. “ANIMAL CLINIC. NOW.” Mason runs out of class, straight to the clinic and we find out that no one left Beacon Hills after all! This was the plan all along! “Pressure Test” ends with Mason asking “We fight back now, right?” and Scott says “What’d you think we were gonna do, run?”

This is the way I wanted to feel after watching the first three episodes of Season 6b. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Final Thoughts:

  • There was not nearly enough Melissa McCall in these episodes. Melissa Ponzio is a season regular and my favorite, so I want to see her in every other scene!
  • I loved when Mason figured out Monroe was a hunter and said “I’m never asking for guidance again.”
  • “Please tell me you didn’t put out an APB on a faceless corpse.”
  • Still no Stiles.
  • Sheriff Stilinski: “I’m gonna assume you’ve all got permits for these weapons.” Everyone: * Cocks their guns *
  • Lol at Theo begrudgingly popping his claws when Scott was looking around to see if everyone was ready to fight their way out of the sheriff’s station.
  • After Theo tries to convince Liam to give up Satomi’s werewolves, Liam punches him and then says “By the way, I’m still working on my anger.”

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