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When we covered Good Omens season one, I called the adaptation perfect in that it kept true to the original vision of the story. I still believe that is true. I will admit that Neil Gaiman...
Tonight’s Prodigal Son explores father-son and father-daughter relationships while plumbing the depths of a psychopath’s need for, and subsequent expertise at, total control. We start where we left off – with Malcolm looking in the back of...

Prodigal Son “Fear Response” Review

How does Prodigal Son hold up after three episodes? Not bad. And considering it got picked up for a full season, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Prodigal Son Review: Annihilator

Being a new show, Prodigal Son needs to use its second showing as a means to solidify any progress made by its first and give the audience a glimpse into what direction the season is going.

‘Good Omens’ Recap and Podcast: A Lovely Finale

Good Omens has been nothing but good-hearted fun. The show, a surprising love story about two oddball best friends: an angel and a demon,...

‘Good Omens’ Review (Part One): A Perfect Adaptation

Good Omens is a fun apocalypse comedy that’s more than a faithful adaptation of the novel written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It’s a fun mini-series filled with magic, odd yet witty characters, zany situations, impossible moments of impossibility, and memorable dialogues. #GoodOmens #AmazonVideo

‘Good Omens’ NYCC 2018 Panel: A funny buddy Apocalypse story.

Amazon's six-part mini-series 'Good Omens' is a fun end of the world adventure. Adapted from the acclaimed novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the...

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