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Quantum Leap's latest episode includes nods to the classic while riffing on The Exorcist.
A discussion about the impact of Hocus Pocus as a series both the original movie and the recent sequel.

Hocus Pocus 2 is a Halloween Treat

There are very few sequels that live up to - or surpass - their predecessors. Godfather Part II. Aliens. Terminator 2. Toy Story 2.  And...

Yellowjackets – Blood Hive Review

Inherited things can be difficult. If your parent dies, something as simple as a train set could be a burden to keep up the...

‘I May Destroy You’ Episode 9 Recap – “Social Media Is a Great Way to Connect”

They say something truly magical happens during Halloween. No, not the apotropaic kind. It's a transformative kind of magic. Whether you're a shy kid feeling like a certified bad-ass in your superhero(ine) digs or your a gregarious adult feeling certifiable in your bloodied horror-themed costume, something takes hold. Whether you'd like to admit it to yourself or not, somewhere deep down, a little part of you is that which you wear. We all embrace a side we don't normally share with the public on any other day than Samhain. This magic is presented in the ninth episode of I May Destroy You (HBO) titled "Social Media Is a Great Way to Connect" but be warned- it's a dark kind of magic.

Weekend Wisdom: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, Workprint Readers! It's the most wonderful time of year for those of us who love binging on candy, spending way too much...

10 TV Costumes You Can Wear This Halloween

Today is Halloween and instead of being a sexy this or that (I'm looking at you slutty Elsa), why not become your favorite characters...

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