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Wonder Woman 1984, the long anticipated heroine sequel, has a lot of heart but fails to make a true impact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfM7_JLk-84 The first big superhero blockbuster to come out in a nearly a year, Wonder Woman 1984...
Screenwriter Mairghread Scott discusses the storytelling of the new animated Wonder Woman movie, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines at NYCC 2019.   In discussing the recent DC Animated Original Movie, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, the storytellers behind the solo feature...

NYCC 2019 Interview: Marie Avgeropoulos Discusses Playing Silver Swan in ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’

Marie Avgeropoulus Discusses Playing Silver Swan in 'Wonder Woman: Bloodlines'

NYCC 2019 – ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Interview with Directors Justin Copeland and Sam Liu

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is DC’s newest animated film. At New York Comic-Con, directors, Justin Copeland and Sam Liu, chatted with the press to discuss helming the Wonder Woman animated feature. 

NYCC 2019: ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Interview with Rosario Dawson

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is DC’s latest animated film. At New York Comic-Con, actress, Rosario Dawson, sat down with The Workprint to discuss playing Wonder Woman yet again. 

‘Wonder Woman’ Review: The Superhero Every Little Girl Dreams Of

Wonder Woman might be the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight

Let’s Watch The First Full-Length ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Over and Over

WONDER WOMAN IS HERE. TAKE A LOOK: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q8fG0TtVAY] The DCEU hasn't had the best track record in recent years, struggling to find its footing since...

‘Wonder Woman’ Releases First Trailer: 2017, Hurry Up Already

After all of the posters and set photos, Wonder Woman finally released its first trailer at San Diego Comic Con and it is a...

In Defense of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

  If you've used the Internet in the last week or so you've probably come away with one salient fact: that Batman v Superman: Dawn...

‘Fast & Furious’ (2009) is Perhaps the Quintessential Film of the Franchise

Every day this week we’ll tackle the next movie in the franchise, leading up to our review of Furious 7. Buckle up and join...

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