Supertrash: “Call to Action”/ “Taguma Attacks!!!”

Hi Guys! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We here at Supertrash are so thankful to all our listeners, Alex Danvers,  Zari, and Charlie. But in all seriousness, thank you all for listening to us each week blab on about Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

This week Jen and I discuss Supergirl 4.06 “Call to Action” and Legends of Tomorrow 4.05 “Taguma Attacks!!!”

Listen to “Supertrash: “Call to Action”/ “Taguma Attacks!!!”” on Spreaker.

Time Stamps
Intro: 00:00
Supergirl: 01:33
Legends of Tomorrow: 45:58

Show Notes

Below you can find all the images we referenced/promised during the episode.


Kara’s Hallway


Agent of Liberty dude falling into a perfect split Supertrash

It’s A Bitches:Supertrash

The Mark-Paul Gosselaar Look-Alike:Supertrash
Legends of Tomorrow 

Charlie Leaning and Drinking


Zari and Charlie Close Talking



Zari Looking Proudly at Mick:Supertrash


And last but not Least: Mick’s book


Text: “Garima was as strong as she was stunning, and with her by his side, Buck had at last vanquished his true enemy: fear.”

(I am working on grabbing more screenshots to transcribe the back page, but this is all I got so far: “The creature lashed out with its giant tentacle… missing the buxom warrior. Garima effortlessly… the beast, her swoard slashing its flesh with ease.”)

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