Stranger Things Season 2: The Strange-yier Questions We Need Answered

Stranger Things Season 2 is right around the corner and the staff at The Workprint are super excited. Season 1 left viewers with a few major cliffhangers. Fans of the series were left wondering (SPOILERS AHEAD) what became of Eleven after she defeated the Demogorgon and then disappeared without a trace.  Also, what’s up with Will and him throwing up the slugs? Does the Upside Down still affect him even though he’s back in the real world? Is Steve really Nancy’s true love?

Gather your Eggos and chocolate pudding as The Workprint staff makes their best predictions about the much-anticipated return of Stranger Things.

Q: Who’s your favorite character out of the main cast (Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Will) and why?

Nicole: Dustin, because he’s the peacemaker and keeps the group together.

Alyssa: Mike, because he is level-headed and I think I relate most to him.

Jen: Eleven, because I’m really into strong female characters who like to eat but also Lucas because he seems the most realistic of the kids.

Leo: Eleven, I mean who wouldn’t want superpowers?

Bilal: Does Hopper count? He’s the first cop in a television show to get shit done and follow up using actual logic. If not, my answer is Dustin, because I can’t be annoyed with someone as funny as him. I also want to pinch his cheeks.

Q: Do you think Will got any new powers from the Upside Down? Do you think Will is a monster now?

Nicole: YESSS. He is transitioning into a monster. In fact, Will might be a conduit now for the creatures of the Upside Down to get into the real world.

Jen: Definitely. I like Nicole’s idea that he’s a conduit for the Upside Down, so I have a hope that it’ll come down to destroying his Horcrux-like ability or letting them take over the above world. (I don’t love Will.)

Leo: I think Will has superpowers like Eleven they are still dormant. Eleven was given her powers through experiments based on what the scientists have found in the Upside Down it would make sense that Will has powers.

Bilal: I don’t think Will is transitioning into a monster. He may have contracted an illness or a disease, but turning into a monster seems a bit of a stretch. Powers, I’d say no to as well since Eleven seems to have gained those through experimentation.

Q: Team Jonathan or Team Steve?

Nicole: Team Jonathan. Sorry Steve, but you’re an idiot.

Alyssa: Wait, team Jonathan is a thing? That guy legit stalked and secretly photographed Nancy for weeks! Of course, I am Team Steve.

Jen: STEVE. Y’all be crazy cheering for the creepy dude with the camera who stalked Nancy. Steve may be dumb but he’s proven he has the ability to change and improve and I think that’s important.

Leo: Jonathan all the way! It’s probably because I relate to his plight of never being the popular guy but always getting by somehow.

Bilal: Steve is one of the few characters who went full douche and found a redeemable path back. I like him, but in the end, I just want whoever is best for Nancy.

Q: What would be your weapon of choice to fight the monsters of the Upside Down?

Nicole: The answer is clearly ninja stars. Just kidding, we need lasers.

Jen: Weaponized Eggo waffles.

Leo: Sword/katana. Nothing beats cold hard steel.

Bilal: Grenades. An endless amount of grenades (Grenades totally defeat sword/katanas)

Q: Stranger Things, season 1, has already shown that it is willing to kill off some characters (poor Barb). Who do you think is the next potential candidate to make this list?

Nicole: I think both Steve and Jonathan may potentially be killed this season, but if so it needs to be gruesome and epic.

Alyssa: Jonathan.

Jen: Chief Hopper. Go big or go home

Leo: One of those bully kids. The other one survives and will have PTSD from then on, never bullying again.

Bilal: Mr. Clarke is biting the dust. He’s the new Barb. #JusticeforMrClarke

Q: Where do you think Eleven is and why do you think she is not reaching out to Mike?

Nicole: I think Eleven has mostly been in the Upside Down this season but somehow makes her way back to the real world. I don’t think she’s reached out to Mike because she probably thinks it’s too dangerous. But she might sense Will becoming a monster so she returns to Hawkins to help.

Alyssa: Eleven is off in the woods eating Eggos… duh!

Jen: I also agree with Nicole, but I think because of Eleven’s innate connection to the Upside Down, she’s probably more in a limbo state than Will was during season one. Like Nicole said, I imagine Eleven is steering clear because she doesn’t want to bring harm to her friends

Bilal: I think Nicole covered it pretty straight. She’s in the Upside Down. If she doesn’t reach out to Mike, she can keep him safe.

Leo: I hear ya Bilal, but how is she staying safe? She can’t fight whole hordes by herself.

Bilal: The power of Eggos, Leo. The power of Eggos.

Q: What is this new monster and what do you think its weakness will be?

Nicole: Squid monster, it’s weakness will be Will due to their connection.

Jen: Owlbear. Enraging it will cause it go into berserker mode and it’ll eventually kill itself from exhaustion.

Leo: Tentacle thing. If we stick to D&D names, my guess is Hydra.

Bilal: I’ve only seen the Superbowl Trailer so if its that giant spider looking thing, then its weakness is a giant shoe.

Q: What do you believe the Upside Down is and why does it exist?

Nicole: If one is feeling religious, the Upside Down could be a parallel dimension that most religions associate with Hell. It could exist to serve as a prison for the unholy hordes of evil.

Jen: To take Nicole’s thought a step further, I think the Upside Down is a metaphor for the darkness in our own humanity and how, despite our best efforts, our children become the ones who bear the brunt of our sins as adults.

Leo: It’s an alternate dimension for sure but what’s odd is the beings that live there. It has the same infrastructure as earth which means that we affect it and not the other way around. So maybe it’s just another plane on our universe.

Bilal: Just another universe in the spanning multi-verse. That or an alternate plane of existence, which is sort of the same thing.

Q: Do you think Hopper switches sides? Is he part of the bigger government now?

Nicole: Mmmm Hopper I think will still be on the outside not trusting the government.

Alyssa: No way, Hopper is an upstanding guy, he’d never switch sides.

Jen: I think Hopper rides the line in some misguided attempt to be part of the “greater good” but eventually he’ll realize his idealism is naive and then he’ll expose the government for what they are. Then he’ll die.

Leo: I doubt Hopper switched but he probably learned about some messed up stuff.

Bilal: Hopper will do what’s best for people. He’s one of the rare, smart cops on TV who sees things as they are.

Q: Do you think we will ever meet One to Ten?

Nicole: Yesssss, or at least we’ll eventually get more of a background story on them.

Alyssa: Damn, I hope so! But I wonder if they are even alive? Do we know if they are alive? Maybe earlier numbers were all killed.

Jen: I doubt it. I wouldn’t want to. The excitement from Strangers Things comes from the mystery of not knowing everything. If they reveal too much backstory, the show loses its allure.

Leo: I hope we do, but only lucky number Seven. That way, we can have Seven Eleven.

Bilal: I always imagined they were dead. I’m going to say no, but I totally don’t doubt we’ll see the existence of a Twelve.


Stranger Things Season 2 debuts its full season on Netflix on Friday, October 27.

Leo Ng
Leo Ng
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