Start-Up: A K-drama series coming to Netflix October 2020

Start-Up is a K-Drama set to release this October, about a group of young people pursuing their careers in the world of startup companies.

Wanting to tell a story of a fictionalized Korean version of Silicon Valley, Start-Up follows the journeys of several young working adults, each of whom, have their own dreams, passions, and pursuits in the world of start-up companies. Starring Bae Suzy and Nam Joo-Hyuk.

Produced by Studio Dragon, Start-Up is a Korean Drama tale that follows a group of vastly different individuals pursuing their start-up dreams at a company called Sand Box. Their backgrounds are broken down below:

Seo Dal-mi dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs. An adventurous young woman who’s poor but passionate, she has a bright outlook and tremendous energy having worked a wide range of part-time jobs. She drops out of college in pursuit of $90k to start her own business.

Nam Do-San is the founder of Samsan Tech. A math genius since he was a child, he was once the pride of his family but has recently been put to shame, as his company is not doing well. Dal-Mi accidentally confuses Nam Do-San as her first love, and he plays along with it — hoping that one day their misunderstanding can become real. All while cheering and supporting each other’s growth.

Han Ji-plyeong is a senior investment manager at a venture capital company, nicknamed the “Gordon Ramsay of investments”.

Finally, Won In Jae, is a well-off second-generation CEO. A woman of beauty, education, and money, she struggles to be acknowledged for her skills given her background and inherited place of privilege. Doing what she can to prove everyone wrong about her, including her disapproving father, she leaves her comfy position and throws herself into a startup instead.

Together, Start-Up tells the tale about these characters own pursuits of happiness. Available here on the US this October.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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