‘Stargirl’ Episode 8 Review: “Shiv Part Two”

Courtney gets into some trouble after her epic battle against Shiv, as Cindy gets heat from her father, Dr. Ito. Meanwhile, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick investigate a classmate.

Happy belated 4th Stargirl fans! In this second half of Stargirl, we see “Shiv Part Two,” as Stargirl is on the mend, and the JSA gets proactive in avenging their down-at the-moment team leader. Meanwhile, Pat begins to have doubts about his and Courtney’s secret lives and wants to confess to Barbara.

Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore
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On The Mend 

On this episode, we see Stargirl take a backseat for a little. As we begin with Pat putting in much effort not only to protect Courtney, but also, maintain her secret identity. He fakes an accident of sorts: totaling his beloved Buick to pretend the two were in an accident.

Thanking him for saving her and keeping their cover, Pat reveals that he wants to investigate Cindy Burman and her family (in part, to protect his daughter). He wants to tell Beth the truth as well, but Courtney begs him not to tell her because she’ll take being Stargirl away from her.

Courtney, meanwhile, wants to spend time resting, after being headstrong going after the ISA last episode. On the positives, the team gets proactive as the other JSA members are mad Stargirl nearly died. Rick, Hourman, says that he wants to avenge her. He wants to figure out who’re Cindy’s parents before they act. Beth has a plan to pin down the Burman family, after Cindy severely beat Stargirl last episode. In the process of their escapade, a photo of Dr. Ito is found and opens the door for more revelations for the new JSA.

Pat also wants a heart-to-heart with Starman’s staff. Though they didn’t get along, we learn that the original Starman, Sylvester, was Star-Spangled kid for years. He begs the staff to protect her.


The Evil

Cindy tells Dr. Ito she found Stargirl, and he’s mad with her headstrong approach; Daughter and father duke it out.

Doctor Ito proves to be incredibly creepy. He’s menacing, evil. and doesn’t stand for half-measures nor Cindy’s headstrong approach, reprimanding her with a passive aggressive threats. Despite this, she’s proved herself. never know if she’ll be accepted.

Jordan Mahkent likewise has a nefarious plot, as Henry, much like his father, has telekinetic powers too. We also meet Bobbie Burman, Cindy’s mom, whose identity is unknown by Doctor Mid-Nite.

Courtney is bored, and Cindy visits her. She’s actually apologetic and then rather chill, realizing they’re similar with their dads and such. There’s a small glimmer of bonding, shortly before realizing that the two know who each other are! As Cindy reveals: she knows Courtney is Stargirl.

It’s a tense moment that builds most of the tension in this episode.

There’s this very intriguing bout, in almost the back end of the second-half of Stargirl vs. Shiv. We see the girls duke it out yet again in a surprising fight I wasn’t expecting. This time, we also get Henry King Jr. thrown into the mix, whose own abilities as Brainwave begin to slightly manifest, in a three-way struggle I can only describe… as the scene between Emperor Palpatine, Mace Windu, and Anakin.


The Take

A fun resolution that sets up the stakes for more, this episode of Stargirl was a fun sequel that sets up for the future.





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