‘Small Game Sample’ Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Once upon a time, we ran a feature called “Small Game Saturdays”, where we would do a quick take on a small downloadable title. Well that feature has been reborn as a shiny new video series called “Small Game Sample.” I mean… Why should Saturday’s have all the fun? (see* I need a less rigid schedule in order to pump these out)

This episode Rob is joined in his fight against the Nazi occult by James from The Life of Gaming Podcast. They are taking a look at Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on the Xbox One!

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Roberto Valentin Jr.
Roberto Valentin spends his days as an attorney, father, and husband. His nights are spent saving the world on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Sometimes he writes a review or makes a dumb video for The Workprint, but mostly he just hosts the Workprint Gamescast. Honestly, he only has this position because he went to college with the Editor-in-Chief. You can follow him on Twitter: @SunnyVice20

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