Simone Bianchi sets his Amazing Spider-Man #26 variant cover in a very poignant place

May 31st brings an all-new Amazing Spider-man #26 variant cover!

Amazing Spider-Man’s most intense issue in 50 years comes bearing variant covers from some of the most popular artists in the comic book industry!

Simone Bianchi’s vision for Amazing Spider-man #26 is up. Peter Parker swings aloft the Brooklyn Bridge — the site of one of his most devastating failures as a hero — an appropriate setting for an equally monumental issue. With Peter’s dirty secret out in the open making waves throughout the Marvel Universe, this issue shows itself to be a turning point in Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s current take on our friendly neighborhood webslinger! The Emissary is back and with immense powers far greater than poor Spidey. There is a chance for victory, but at what cost?



Written by ZEB WELLS


Variant Cover by SIMONE BIANCHI – 75960620200302631

On Sale 5/31

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