The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: What is Hair of The Dog?

The Only Useful Thing My Mother Ever Taught Me!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is off to a fantastic new season. After having successfully locked in a career as an officially staffed TV writer, Midge, and the officemates celebrated last week with a few after-hour drinks straight out of the heart of Rockefeller Center! Because who doesn’t enjoy ice skating while drunk?

An episode with an aftermath that naturally led to a late-night hangover, Season 5 Episode 4 opens with the entire staff at Gordon Ford’s late-night show reeling from a hangover. The likes of which could only be cured by one remedy: Hair of The Dog! 


What is Hair of The Dog and does it actually contain hair?

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For those who don’t know, Hair of The Dog is a turn of phrase meant to be any sort of alcoholic drink consumed during a hangover as a cure. We see this being passed around the office upon entrance in what can only be described as tiny shot glasses of something with whiskey and/or tabasco, as there’s seemingly a tiny bottle of it on the serving table.

According to, the original expression came from a previous means of curing a rabid dog bite. A belief that putting the hair of that dog on the open wound somehow actually, healed you. Got a bite from a night of drinking? Naturally, the cure would be to drink more! 

Yet, based on what Cosmopolitan has to say, the method likely doesn’t actually work besides giving us an excuse to drink a Bloody Mary the next morning. The only real hangover cure is hydration, perhaps some vitamins, and above all else: time.

This is also not the first mention of Hair of The Dog in the series. Joel Maisel offers Midge some while on a carousel in Season 1 Episode 8 “Thank You and Goodnight”


A funny yet tense episode, the previous episode of Mrs. Maisel revealed that the Gordon Ford show was now the number 1 Late Night talk show in the country. Episode 3 was easily one of the most memorable episodes of the series, filled with tension and flirtations, along with Midge having a hangup over her first joke on the air getting botched by a subpar delivery from Paar.

It’s a storyline that’s meant to serve as the biggest tension of the series. One that hopefully leads to less binge drinking, as there’s only so many Hair of The Dogs a person can handle.

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